Well It’s About Time Jeremy Kyle Was Taken Off The Air

Yesterday I heard the news that the Jeremy Kyle Show has been taken off the air. To be brutally honest this is not before time. I have watched episodes of the show and on most occasions somewhere in the show I feel uncomfortable with the way guests are treated by the host, Jeremy Kyle. His attitude is appalling as he intimidates, belittles and shouts at people that they are scum and the lowest of the low and all for a bit of sensationalism TV, but the truth is he is actually destroying people’s lives and ruining their self confidence by… [Read More]

Dracula, Escape the Castle!

Dracula, Save the Castle

Halloween is almost upon us! The girls school is having a ‘fairies and scares’ party soon and my wife will be making spooky halloween cupcakes! Of course Halloween isn’t just for the kids that why I’m excited to tell you all ‘Dracula, Escape the Castle’. Hosted by renowned TV present, Brendan Moar, the series is based on the escape-room trend. These seem to increasing in popularity with two in my local area! Basically brave contestants from around the world will race against time to escape Dracula’s infamous castle in Transylvania, before the ‘Lord of Darkness’ traps them forever! There will ten… [Read More]