Well It’s About Time Jeremy Kyle Was Taken Off The Air

Yesterday I heard the news that the Jeremy Kyle Show has been taken off the air. To be brutally honest this is not before time. I have watched episodes of the show and on most occasions somewhere in the show I feel uncomfortable with the way guests are treated by the host, Jeremy Kyle.

His attitude is appalling as he intimidates, belittles and shouts at people that they are scum and the lowest of the low and all for a bit of sensationalism TV, but the truth is he is actually destroying people’s lives and ruining their self confidence by reducing their self esteem. There is no understanding from him. It’s either black or white. Your guilty, you cheated or you could do better, reducing a relationship to just 15 minutes, he is peddling misery and sadness and now it has appeared that somebody has passed away after appearing on the show just a week after recording it.

It is obvious that the aftercare is not good enough and is far from enough for appearing on a daytime TV show where you are going to open up about all the problems in your life. He portrays himself as a saviour saying he can make your life better but what he is really doing is making his wallet fatter and in a truly disgusting way.

I commend ITV for removing the show so quickly and I also wonder if there is more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps they were just waiting for an opportunity to remove the show and Jeremy Kyle. His YouTube channel should also be closed down.

The biggest problem of this type of reality show and also shows like Love Island etc is yes the public seem to want it more and more, but it’s like they are baying for blood. It’s medieval and makes me wonder if the human races intellect has actually moved on, or do we, even in the 21st century still have this thirst to see people suffer because that’s what is happening on these types of shows.

The effects that these shows are having on our current younger generation is yet to be determined, but year on year mental health issues grow amongst our young people and this is not helped by watching for instance on Love Island the “beautiful people”, I say that very loosely, being portrayed as perfect. What we don’t see is the come down that these people suffer after that 15 minutes of fame has disappeared.

What we forget is most of the people on these shows are totally unprepared for a lack of popularity once the show is finished and the limelight is taken away. They soon realise that life can and will become desperate very quickly.

If the Jeremy Kyle show is never aired again it will be doing the people of the UK a service that we no longer need to see this vile little man rip apart somebody’s life.

Or watch a contestant on love Island take their own life because the after-care was again non-existent and they were left to cope with life after the show alone.

It’s mental health awareness week and it’s time for us I think to look at the issues that exist in society that make people feel de-valued and unworthy. These shows along with social media are without doubt linked to this.

In my humble opinion if we don’t start looking at what makes our younger generation unhappy, depressed and feeling as though they don’t fit into this fake world we are going to be left with a very messed up generation in 20 years time.

It really is time that those that have control of TV, social media and everything in between hold their hands up and say yes we need change and we need to act more responsibly. Will they. I’m not sure because it’s all about ratings and money. A sad indictment of our world today.

What do you think? I would love to hear your comments below.

15 thoughts on “Well It’s About Time Jeremy Kyle Was Taken Off The Air

  1. Hi Nigel,

    Great post. I’ve only ever watched a few episodes of the show but they made me feel extremely uncomfortable – great telly? Perhaps, but at the expense of people’s lives. I’m glad to see the back of it, and I hope this takes the whatever platform Jeremy Kyle had away from him.

    Oliver x

  2. Why is Love Island still aired when 2 people have taken their own life after that show….. it’s just easy to point the finger isn’t it…!!!

  3. I’ve never watched a complete episode but have seen bits and pieces over the years. It was clearly born out of the success of American shows like Jerry Springer. Copying Americans never ends well!

    For most of us, we’d never dream of applying to go on a TV show to air our dirty washing like that. It’s not most people first port of call when trying to resolve life’s dramas and issues. But, having said that, I won’t criticise anyone who went on the show – it was their choice to do so. Certainly, as it’s been running for so long, nobody in the last few years could say they didn’t know what they were getting in to. I am not saying they got what they deserved at all, but I am saying they went into it knowing what was coming.

    But, it’s still a TV show that has to earn it advertising money. Hence why it was so controversial. It was made that way with full intention. That draws viewers and you are correct in you questioning of society if “we” found that entertaining to watch people being made to squirm.

    But, stories are now coming out about how the show saved peoples lives or really helped them get over major issues. That should not be ignored. It’s doesn’t make up for the terrible way some people were treated, but it does add balance to the argument.

    Ask yourself why so many people went on the show in the first place. It must run into thousands over the course of its lifetime. The answer is because they couldn’t find the help they needed anywhere else. What does that say about our society? Not just point fingers at the NHS, social services, but al people’s friends and family too.

    Am I glad it’s gone? Honestly, as I didn’t watch I’m not going to miss it anyway. But, it’s definitely for the best.

    1. I sort of agree with you but am cautious in doing so. The viewer and the guests don’t have to go on this show. They have a choice to do so. I have watched a few episodes and agree that it is pure crap! However, I have watched a few episodes where they have helped people find parents or sent drug addicts off for rehab as a final resort. I know they do this for TV sake but they are also helping these people. I’m not sad to see it go but I don’t think Jeremy Kyle deserves all the slating in the press that gets getting at the moment. Mostly by the tabloids who are equally bad at selling stories of the same sort. Good post though. #thatfridaylinky

  4. I will alos add that people are focussing on the name “Jeremy Kyle”. Yes, it was the show he presented and had a major hand in it. But behind that title are dozes, hundreds of people. produces, directors, executives. All as culpable as JK.

  5. I definitely agree that ITV should be commended for the speed they took down the show and have now decided to axe it. It was their highest rating daytime show so it must come as a blow for them in a business sense, for selling advertising etc and yet they appear to have put morals first. #ThatFridayLinky

  6. Good point made by Dave Pearson, that there is a whole production team behind Jeremy Kyle that is just as (ir)responsible as the host … and what’s that about ITV getting credit for taking it off: they are the ones who put it on and ran with it for years! #ThatFridayLinky

  7. I am glad that the programme has been closed down but don’t think Jeremy Kyle can take the blame for it all. ITV knew the content and endorsed it for many years. People in the studio audience were happy to boo and jeer at participants and judging from the viewing figures so were those at home. If it wasn’t making money and popular with viewers it would have been axed years ago. What has changed in society that taking pleasure from other people’s misfortune should become a source of entertainment?

  8. I always hated the show. It preyed on people who were vulnerable and needed real help and support. You never saw anyone on the show who was well-off or from a stable upbringing. So glad it’s been axed!

  9. I am glad it has been removed. Horrible concept to public riducal vunerable people all in the name of ‘entertainment’ X #thatfridaylinky

  10. Like all reality TV, it is just a gladitorial contest with the audience as the lions. TV sets up all contestants on these programmes to fail. And even if they win the contest, the Newspapers and Media are there to take them down. #ThatFridayLinky

  11. Ah man, what a week. Spotted this on your site a few days ago but only now got time to read and comment! Anyway Nigel, I think you’re being far too constrained. Jeremy Kyle Show was the equivalent of the Romans forcing slaves to fight with lions. I watched it a few times when Mrs Adams was on mat leave and yes, I laughed but pretty quickly I became uncomfortable with it and wouldn’t have it on the TV. The truth is, anyone who watched that show and laughed is ultimately, in their own small way, culpable as to what happened. I feel guilty for having watched those few times all those years ago. It was an awful, exploitative show. Should have come off the airwaves years ago and I hope Love Island also goes the same way. Thanks for hosting #thatfridaylinky

  12. It’s funny Nigel isn’t it that even if you are someone who hasn’t watched the show (and I haven’t) you are are aware of it, the kind of programme it is and almost certainly have an opinion on it. Personally any show that exploits the weak and vulnerable is fundamentally flawed but our screens seem to be awash with hundreds of variations of the same concept albeit packaged and marketed in different ways. In terms of JK – the decision to pull it was the right one – horrific though that it took such a tragic incident to force that decision. #ThatFridayLinky

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