Well It’s About Time Jeremy Kyle Was Taken Off The Air

Yesterday I heard the news that the Jeremy Kyle Show has been taken off the air. To be brutally honest this is not before time. I have watched episodes of the show and on most occasions somewhere in the show I feel uncomfortable with the way guests are treated by the host, Jeremy Kyle. His attitude is appalling as he intimidates, belittles and shouts at people that they are scum and the lowest of the low and all for a bit of sensationalism TV, but the truth is he is actually destroying people’s lives and ruining their self confidence by… [Read More]

The Smart Way To Handle Your TV Entertainment

It hasn’t taken a very long time for televisions to develop to what you have access to today. Starting out as comparatively basic machines, early examples of TVs couldn’t even manage colour signals, and this is a far cry from the sort of options people go for today. When you have a nice screen, though, finding things to use it for can be a bit of a challenge. There are loads of products out there, and you can spend whatever you like on entertainment, making it worth looking for a piece of tech which can handle it all. This is… [Read More]

Is The Smart Phone Really Killing Conversation: I Don’t Think So

We are constantly hearing how the smart phone and technology in general are killing the art of conversation in the family home or in fact in our general lives. This got me thinking is it really that different to 30 years ago before the internet had been invented to the degree of where it’s at now? Anything and everything is accessible just by a touch of a finger or google had even been thought about. Let’s be honest we would be lost without google, but it’s just an extension of the reference book that so many of us used to… [Read More]

Introducing Children to Technology with the Alba Range from Argos (Ad)

I am in partnership with Argos to talk about the new Alba range of tablets/televisions/mobiles. Introducing technology such as smart phones and tablets to children is a pretty daunting task for many parents. Trying to find the right balance to ensure that your child is the right age to understand the technology being handed to them, but also to make sure that they use it responsibly can be tricky. Like many parents my wife and I had concerns about screen time. Will our children pick up their phone or tablet too often? Are they too young to have access to… [Read More]

OK! Let’s Move On From CBeebies Your 5 Years Old

For five very long years CBeebies is permanently on in our home during the waking hours of our wonderful five year old twin girls. When oh when will this end, please tell me it will be soon I can’t take any more of the Twirlywoos, Bing and Postman Pat. No, wait I actually look forward to Postman Pat at 7.30am, it starts my day off just perfectly, I can go off to work in the knowledge that Pat saved the day again. Of course this is what all the posties in the world do everyday. The world would be a… [Read More]

I Have Been a Lazy Daddy 

We live in the ever increasing technological super highway world, and I have been a bad daddy to my four year old twins, R and M. Over the last four weeks I have had a health scare. In fact I have been to the doctors this year more times than I have in my entire life. On a Monday and Tuesday I am a full time stay at home dad to my four year old twins and I have to admit I have not been very patient. The likely reason is that I have been worried about my health and… [Read More]

Dracula, Escape the Castle!

Dracula, Save the Castle

Halloween is almost upon us! The girls school is having a ‘fairies and scares’ party soon and my wife will be making spooky halloween cupcakes! Of course Halloween isn’t just for the kids that why I’m excited to tell you all ‘Dracula, Escape the Castle’. Hosted by renowned TV present, Brendan Moar, the series is based on the escape-room trend. These seem to increasing in popularity with two in my local area! Basically brave contestants from around the world will race against time to escape Dracula’s infamous castle in Transylvania, before the ‘Lord of Darkness’ traps them forever! There will ten… [Read More]

Top five tech gadgets I would love to have.

With the advance and speed of technology I was recently thinking about what would be my top five tech gadgets that I would love to own. I love my technology and that’s probably why friends and family tend to opt for tech related gifts for me, for birthdays and Christmases. Here are my top 5 must have gadgets. 1. Our television is probably about eight years old so it’s definitely past its sell by date. Typically though my wife and I live our life by the ‘if it’s not broken you don’t change it’ motto! Recently the new 4K televisions have… [Read More]