Clean Ends No Waste Wipes Review 

I dread to think how many wet wipes I have used after having five children, but needless to say it’s a lot! On many occasions they’ve been flushed down the toilet and caused massive problems with the sewers which is then an expensive job to be sorted out. It’s always something that I have been aware of, but I’d never been able to find a suitable alternative until now.

We really do need to change because each year a staggering 578 billion wipes are used globally which is the equivalent to 80 wipes for every human being on our planet Earth. Another way of looking at this, is that it’s basically a full load of laundry for the population of the world of non bio-degradable wipes, total waste.

These figures are staggering and they are harming our environment.

So when I was approached recently by Clean Ends to try their No Waste Wipes bottles I was intrigued. One bottle is the equivalent of 40 wet wipes and I immediately thought this is a great idea and also very convenient

No Waste Wipes have multiple uses which includes hand sanitiser, hand deodoriser, and you can also spray it onto toilet seats for a spot cleaner. Spray on toilet paper for a flushable wipe as well as spray on a Kleenex for a moist tissue, and also you can dispense into the toilet prior to use to control odour’s. It’s also useful as a body odour deodoriser.

The No Waste Wipes are a very convenient moisturising cleanser freshener and a brilliant alternative to a wet wipe or baby wipe for on the go cleaning.

The No Waste Wipes are an innovative idea and when you consider how we try to save the environment for our children, this is the way forward. I would highly recommend them.

You can buy No Waste Wipes here at competitive prices.

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