Common Road Trip Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

Going on a road trip is a great opportunity for families to see parts of the country – and perhaps even the world – that they otherwise never get to experience. While a similar experience can be achieved when riding by rail, trains won’t let you stop whenever you spot something interesting in between stations. You could try and kindly ask the engineer but we’ll willing to bet it won’t go over well.

Along with the perks of a family road trip are a series of drawbacks. Such is life – but it doesn’t mean it’s okay to simply give up on planning a road trip this summer – the obstacles which may or may not be encountered can be overcome with some planning and preparation:

Bad directions

One of the most common headaches when driving in unfamiliar areas is getting lost. This pesky nuisance has become less of a problem thanks to GPS, but mobile phone service can cut out and when it does, it typically happens when you are in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, most maps apps on phones now come with a download feature enabling users to have the directions and navigational coordinates saved to their device. This helps reduce the chances of getting lost due to a lost signal.

Fender benders

Accidents happen, even on holiday. If you and your family are involved in an automobile collision during a road trip, it’s important to remain calm and do the same things you’d do if the incident occurred back home; safely pull over, contact the police, and exchange insurance details. If the accident resulted in serious injuries, contact a top personal injury in the area. For example, if the collision occurred on the San Diego Freeway, you’d want to go to to schedule an appointment before you head back home.

Vehicle breakdown

Even the most reliable and rugged family truckster is going to experience engine failure at some point or a similar car-stopping problem related to the transmission or wheels. Just like people, automobiles can’t stay healthy forever. With this in mind, it’s important to get a vehicle inspection prior to your road trip. Join a towing service as added peace of mind, since they are worth every penny when the car stalls in the middle of nowhere. If things seem dicey with the family vehicle, consider renting one instead.

Backseat bickering

You could almost say a family road trip wouldn’t be the same without some backseat bickering between siblings. With that said, parents should be prepared for how to address these episodes prior to setting off on holiday. Techniques for reducing the chances of backseat bickering are the best way at overcoming this common road trip obstacle. According to National Geographic, keeping your children occupied with games and other forms of entertainment is essential. They also recommend impromptu stops to give kids ways to release their pent up energy.

Frontseat distractions

Distractions are one of the most common factors contributing to motor vehicle accidents. Whether it’s something happening inside the car or something outside the car other than the road, distractions have the potential to prove deadly for motorists. Having other people in the car increases the chances of distractions by as many passengers are riding along, so parents going on road trips have an obligation to be extra careful to remain focused on the road when it’s their turn to drive.

Road trips are one of the best ways for families to spend time together while also exploring strange and new parts of the world around them. But before taking off, make sure to plan ahead for the possibility of bumps along the way. They may never materialise, but you’ll be happy you prepared in the event they do.

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