Do Dads Really Care About Father’s Day: Absolutely!

How often have you heard people say I have got to buy a present for my dad, but I have absolutely no idea what to get him, or, my dad is impossible to buy presents for etc. I have to imagine my own children have said this numerous times.

This Father’s Day I have teamed up with Royal Mail who are trying to dispel the myth that dads are impossible to buy for. The truth is, I am exactly like this. Very easy to please. I don’t need any grand gestures.

To make Father’s Day perfect for me it’s really very simple. As long as I see my children, and just as important they give me a Father’s Day card then I’m happy. Over the years the sweetest cards I have received have been the ones my kids have made themselves, and I have been lucky enough to have received quite a few of those.

So yes, I have to say that dads are bothered by Father’s Day just like mums are about Mother’s Day. It’s a myth that dads don’t worry. Of course we do!  Making a fuss of dads on Father’s Day is as important as it is to make a fuss of mums on Mother’s Day. Going out for the day for a Father’s Day lunch would be lovely.

My three older children have now probably gone past the stage of making cards, but my six year old twins definitely like to get creative and this Father’s Day is no different.

They have sat down with my wife, their mum, to start making Father’s Day cards especially for me, so here is a big hint to my older children. If you want to make your old dad happy on Father’s Day make a card for me. It really will make my day! Go on I dare you!

My six year old twin girls love crafts and this is a fantastic way for them to show their creative skills and show how much they love their daddy.

As usual I love the way they are so different. M picking pink and R going for the blue. Of course, R and M also want to post their cards to me! I can’t wait for them to arrive in the post for Father’s Day to see their creations. I’m sure it will bring a tear of happiness to my eyes.

I particularly like something that is homemade. Why? Because quite simply it comes with love, and my children have used their imagination to create a special card just for me. It has love just pouring out of it. My older children, when they were younger, did exactly the same thing and I still have those homemade Father’s Day cards to this day. They are in a very special place in my memories of my children’s childhood.

The Royal Mail carried out research to find out exactly what gifts dads really want for Father’s Day. They surveyed 2,000 dads and the top three ways to make the perfect Father’s Day was a family meal out, hugs from their children and a Father’s Day card.

Despite this, most dads found that they received gifts such as beer, socks and aftershave, and around one in four dads can expect a “World’s Greatest Dad” mug!

For dads who are unable to be with their children on Father’s Day, a card was the most valuable way for children to show their love for their dads.

So what makes a card the preferred gesture?

Those who took part in the research have said that it’s more personal and because they could keep it.

When asked what would make them happiest, 4 in 10 dads selected receiving a Father’s Day card or homemade present, and 34% opted for quality time with their children.

So forget the aftershave and socks! Crack our the crafts and get creative!

The top five Father’s Day gifts, as chosen by British dads:

1. A meal out with the family

2. Hugs from the children

3. Receiving a Father’s Day Card

4. Spending quality time with their children

5. A walk in the countryside with the children

I always love to receive my Father’s Day cards via the post, so don’t forget the last day for posting your card is Friday 15th June.

This is what makes me really happy every Father’s Day. I don’t need grand gestures, it’s those little things like a homemade card.

Disclosure this is sponsored post in collaboration with Royal Mail.

4 thoughts on “Do Dads Really Care About Father’s Day: Absolutely!

  1. You can’t beat a homemade card what ever the occasion. I confess to buying my farthers day card but it was highly relevant. Oh and the gift is not socks or a mug #thatfridaylinky

  2. With you all the way Nigel! I’ve done a few radio interviews with Royal Mail this week as it happens to make this very point. Guys really aren’t difficult to buy for and that personal touch means everything.

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