Going to the Park, Playing Board Games and hunting Easter Eggs: Entertaining Your Children

With half-term just gone and the Easter holidays on the way, it’s that time to think of ways to entertain and keep my seven-year old twin girls occupied and happy. Hopefully I won’t look too bored, even though inside I will be screaming not another game of snakes and ladders please!

As parents we definitely go the extra mile when it comes to entertaining our kids. With that being said, I think that if we are going to make sure they are having a good time and enjoying themselves, I think it’s important that the activities we do with our kids are fun for us all. Here are a few ideas to entertain the kids this half-term.

1. Visiting Your Local Park

My seven-year twin girls have always loved going to the park, in fact if they had it their way they would go every day. So much fun can be had at the park, especially at our local park. It’s set in woodland so once the slides, swings and monkey bars have been exhausted after hours of play, we can head off into the woods for some tree climbing and possibly a game of hide and seek. This is a great way to have fun with kids and not end up bored senseless.

2. Plan an Easter Egg hunt

So with Easter soon coming up on Sunday 21st April, now is a great time to start planning a hunt looking for easter eggs. You can plan a route for around your garden or nearby park for example. This is always a sure fire winner, as the kids will love finding and solving clues whilst running around in the great outdoors!

3. Playing Board Games

We as a family love playing board games and the girls are now at that age when they totally understand how to play and it can all get a bit competitive. So, during the holidays there aren’t many days that go by where we are not getting out Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or Scrabble. I’m sure I will stay interested as long as it is not 27 games of snakes and ladders.

4. Reading a book

Sometimes it is nice to just have some quiet time and read a book together. It’s always lovely to see how the girls are progressing and getting better and better at reading as they get older.

5. Crafting

The girls love crafts and it is always so fun to watch them use their imaginations when they are crafting. Whether it’s designing a robot or just using their creativity to come up with something fun and interesting to possibly to show in school when they return after the holidays.

Finding activities to do with your children is easy and if you embrace what they are doing then it will actually be fun for you too!

What activities do you do with your children during the school holidays and don’t end up getting too bored? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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