How to Know When It is Time to Re-Paint a Room

When you are a homeowner there is always work that can be done on the house. One of the areas which often needs attention is the walls – these play a huge role in how the entire home both looks and feels so you will want them to look their best add to the aesthetic. Unfortunately, the interior walls can require re-painting from time to time, but this can be a good chance to freshen up the home. So, how do you know when the walls need re-painting?

The Paint is Peeling

The most obvious sign when it is time to re-paint is when it is starting to peel. Lesser quality paint can start to peel over time and this usually occurs in moist areas like bathrooms or kitchens – it is important to deal with this quickly as it could lead to mould.

Scuff Marks

Interior walls suffer from a lot of wear and tear especially if you have kids and/or pets. Over time, scuff marks and stains can start to appear which cannot be washed. This can look shabby and unclean, so it is a good opportunity to freshen up the walls. 


If the surface was not maintained properly before the paint job or it was damp, then you may notice that blisters and bubbles start to occur. This can be unsightly and excessive blistering could create damage within the walls.

Faded Paint

Paint can fade over time and this is usually due to exposure to sunlight so some walls will suffer from this more than others. Dark shades tend to fade faster but it can also affect lighter hues.

Selling the House

Another good time to paint the walls is if you are planning on putting the house on the market. This can freshen up the entire home and make it feel less lived in which will appeal to prospective buyers and could help you to negotiate a higher price.


Sometimes the best reason to change the walls is because you have simply become bored with the current look. This is understandable when you live in the same place for a number of years so you may want to change things up from time to time. When you do feel like a change, the best thing to do is to find a local painter and decorate from somewhere like Rated People. This ensures that the job is done to a high standard and will look its best.

The interior walls play a huge role in how the home both looks and feels. You will need to make changes from time to time and the above are all signs that it could be time to freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint.

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