How far have we come with racism, gender and sexism

Life in the 1950’s was very different to life as we know it now. Racism and sexism was rife and if you happened to be either of these things, then the 1950’s was probably the best era for you live in because the majority of your fellow peers probably thought the same way as you in terms of racist and sexist behaviour.
I mean what was the problem? You would go out to work and the little woman looked after the house and children. You could put down all the other races in the world and you were allowed to treat women as if they were your personal slaves, and of course if you had a son, my goodness, be a man! You certainly aren’t allowed to play with dolls or grow long hair! If you had a daughter she’d have to watch her mother and learn to behave like that.

Moving along to 2016 and I wonder how much has really changed.

I personally think racism is alive and kicking and it has to be inherited teaching from parents, although not all parents thankfully.

Here is an example from my own family. My mother has many hospital visits and everytime I take her she always says the same thing, “I can’t understand these foreign doctors.” My goodness mother! They are British! Most, if not all are born and bred in the UK!
One of the interesting comments I hear a lot is about the recent terrorist attacks. People saying it’s the Muslims. No it’s not! It’s terrorists using the cover of the Muslim faith to justify their actions. I would imagine that most Muslims are law abiding citizens no matter what country they live in.
This particular generation is still trying to influence future generations and madly they’re succeeding in some cases so we have to wait another generation for this to be removed.
Sexism hasn’t gone away either. In the the workplace women still earn less than men. Where is the equality in that?
There are plenty of men out there who see women as second class citizens. Some men have been wrongly educated by their parents that women still belong in the kitchen looking after the home. How wrong could they be? Many women today are strong, successful and deserve the success they achieve. Men who cricstise this are usually threatened because of their own failings as human beings.
Women deserve to recognised as equal to men in every way and it’s laughable to me that some men just don’t see it.
Finally gender. It really is something that people, shops and everybody else cannot get their heads around.
How far have we moved on or have we taken one step forward and two steps backwards?
Growing up I remember looking at my sisters dolls and thinking yes, I could make a game up using those, but god no never! It’s simply not allowed! I have heard mothers say to their sons not to play with those, those are your sisters dolls that’s now, today! Not 50 years ago, today! People are still concerned about gender stereotyping. Children should be allowed to be exactly who they are. Whatever their likes or dislikes and society can help in changing this.
The three subjects I have approached will most likely take forever to be removed. We after all live in a cosmopolitan society and have always struggled to understand why people of all types and races etc cannot accept each other. It’s a sad world we live in at times, but we must always strive for change.
Finally I have always taught my older children to always respect all people of every race and religion. Also every person’s choice of life, whether it be their sexuality or gender, and I will continue to teach my four year old twins the same. Consequently I feel the world would be a happier place to live in should we teach future generations and maybe just maybe we will eradicate all this prejudice.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

29 thoughts on “How far have we come with racism, gender and sexism

  1. I think as long as there is fear there will be prejudice but in many ways society has come a long way. My brother and I sometimes joke that as black people we prefer people that are openly racist as at least then we know where everybody stands 😉 #bloggerclubuk

  2. It's so sad that we're still having these conversations. But you're right, education is key for change, and that starts at home. It's going to be slow progress, but those of who instil values of equality in our children will be part of the change.

  3. I completely agree. Unfortunately my father in law is rather like your mother when he visits the hospital, and has very rigid, sexist views.
    The other day he told me that he still has a football on order as he is convinced our unborn baby (who we have been told is a girl) is a boy! I pointed out that the girl can still play with the football!
    I think he might be a lost cause and my husband, while more modern-thinking than his father, still needs reminding on some points!
    Hopefully we'll be able to provide our child with more forward-thinking models of behaviour and attitudes! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Really interesting that he only sees boys playing football my three older children all play football two of them girls and one of them went on to play for Wales as a schoolgirl and senior level which she is still involved with most important we have to keep trying thank you for your comment

  4. I had thought that we had come a long way as a society, just since the time of my childhood. Lately, however, I feel that we have regressed terribly and I think that fear is the reason. People are afraid and looking for scapegoats. Here in the US politicians are using and manipulating that fear to the point where the louder and more bigoted you are, the better off you are. Its sad to watch

  5. Interesting post. I live overseas where racism is very alive but less aggressive and most women here still quit work and never go back when they have kids (I'm in Japan). Britain is doing ok as far as I can see although the terror attacks are making things worse again it seems.

  6. Well written post Nigel. I think it's sad that so many prejudices still exist. In time you would think the generations would pass and it they would pass too as people learn not promote equality. It doesn't happen though. I'm pretty disgusted by some of the racism and sexism still out there xx thanks for hosting x

  7. Wonderful post! It is truly sad to know that these things still exist at this time of the generation. I totally agree with you that if we start educating our kids about equality, who knows situation like this might change for the better in the future. #binkylinky

  8. I totally agree with you. Unfortunately I think there will always be these issues in society. You would think that things would have changed but I think the opinions on the terrorists just go to prove that things have not changed all that much at all! #BinkyLinky

  9. I think each generation improves the situation, slightly. Unfortunately it will take MANY generations to remove it totally. If we keep doing our bit though, at least our children will be listening x

  10. Great post. I think sexism is huge especially when it comes to a women's place should be in the home – making a home these days is by both sexes! Racism is a terrible things and these terrorist attacjs don't help because as you said people is the mask to justify their actions. #binkylinky xx

  11. I work in a male dominated industry and have been super impressed with how flexible my company has been as I have started on the route to parenthood, I was the first in my role to come back on a part time basis (4 days a week) and they promoted me to a new role this time round even though they knew I was pregnant and its caused a few admin issues in the process. So although I appreciate that there is still a lot of gender inequality in the work place I am very lucky not to feel it. Saying that we both go out of our way to make sure that Monkey doesn't not get influenced by others around gender or race. Thank you for joining us at ´#BloggerClubUK.

  12. A fantastic post, such an important topic. I agree with you that there is still plenty of racism and sexism around today, thankfully things have changed in the last 60 years but it's not irradiated. Hopefully eventually it will be. I too get very wound up when Muslims are blamed for terrorism, and hugely by the pay gap.

    Re gender stereotyping, I try to do my part by encouraging my son to play with a wide range of toys. When I bought him a baby doll my husband was quite uncomfortable (despite being very progressive usually) but seeing what wonderful play it encourages in our son (love, gentleness, nuturing, taking care of something etc) he was easily won around. He also loves to play shops and cooking. And why not? Men are parents who shop and cook, right? Just a little thing but like to think I'm doing what I can for the future generation 🙂 #justanotherlinky

  13. I totally agree. I have always taught my children that everyone is the same, whether they have a different skin colour, are a different sex, anything. Respect is key, as long as we all respect one another there would be no issue. But that's the problem, people don't. It's a sad, but true, state of affairs.

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