I’m A Blogger: 3 Reasons My Kids Know It

Most people will know that both my wife and I are bloggers. Let’s be totally honest guys it’s a strange occupation. Whether it’s something you do part-time, full-time or it’s just purely a hobby. It’s obsessive and hugely addictive, and it takes up far too much time, but it’s also very enjoyable and fun to do, that definitely has some bonuses.

When I first started blogging, I don’t actually know why I started. Boredom was a major factor because being stuck at home with a broken wrist for six weeks meant I needed something to occupy my time. What I didn’t know way back then was that my blog would send me on journey of self-discovery, but also give my family and I a massive amount of opportunities that never cease to amaze me.

I never dreamed or thought for one minute I would be placed in one top ten list let alone the many that I have been placed in, especially in the the 12 months, which is so humbling. Just a couple of months ago I was placed In Vuelio’s top ten parents list at number 8. I know it’s easy to say, and people may find it strange me saying this, but it genuinely was a massive shock. When I looked at the other bloggers in this list, I’m a small fish in a big pond in comparison to these guys. When I started out these were people I looked up to and admired. So when all of sudden I’m in the same list, my initial reaction is one of really that’s got to be a mistake, surely that’s not right.

After leaving school at sixteen years old with little or no qualifications, I was told in no uncertain terms by my mum that you will have to get a job, it’s time to contribute to the household in a financial way. I was also told that if I didn’t find a job, she would find a job for me. Which is exactly what happened, this taught me a life lesson though that nothing is for free in this world, you have to work and put the effort in to achieve anything. So when I ended up writing a blog, all these years later, I knew if I wanted it to successful then I would have to work hard which is exactly what I did, and then the success followed.

My children are one of the main reasons why I write a blog, but it is also a form of therapy for myself, to lay many ghosts to rest from my past.

Here are 3 reasons why my kids know I’m a blogger.

1. My children see me on my phone far too much, writing a post or promoting a post on social media. It’s probably unfair on them, but blogging is a full-time job at times, the more I do the more everybody benefits.

2. Parcels turn up from couriers or the postman on a very regular basis during the week. The twins have now worked out that they are for our blogs and ask the question, who’s blog is it for dad?

3. Sometimes with my older children I’m sure I bore them to death with my chatter about blogging, but bless them they sit and listen and try their best to appear interested. It’s nice that they humour me, haha!

Being a blogger is not difficult and I find it really easy to write and usually I can write about anything. I seem to have numerous ideas floating around in my head on a constant basis, so writing a post comes quite easily to me, I’m never short on inspiration.

Would I have it any other way? Not a chance! The blogosphere is an amazing community to be a part of. I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people.

It’s funny, well at least to me, how life turns out. I really didn’t for a split second think I would be writing a blog one day, but I love it!

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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