Lessons Learnt: Lessons Taught Parent To Child

Growing up for me was at times very difficult. Did I learn anything about parenting from my own parents that I would be able to put to good use when I became a parent?

The honest answer is no! Or least nothing that I could use because my parents were not the sort of role models you would wish for that’s for sure.

I have always believed if we want our children to be an important part of society and make society a better place to live in we have to give them the tools and education to be good parents so they can teach the next generation to be better than the previous generation, to respect people’s decisions on how to live their lives, however that might be, but also to rid society of age old traditions. One of which I recently wrote about which is smacking our children. To teach them to repair the untold damage previous generations have done to the environment.

Whatever it may be that needs changing in society this has to come from us as parents, it’s not brainwashing our kids, in my opinion it’s teaching them from toddlers that they can make a difference in this crazy messed up world.

If we teach them young it will be second nature to them as they become adults, now wouldn’t that make the world a better place to live in.

My own parents didn’t explain to me the rights and wrongs of life, it seemed to me on reflection now I was supposed to work it out myself, which consequently allowed me to run wild and have absolutely no respect for anything or anybody. Which if I’m honest I behaved in a totally unacceptable way until my early twenties, which could have been avoided had I been educated from a young age how to behave in a nice way and be a credit to society.

What is the biggest lesson we can teach our children and I genuinely wish I been taught this, but unfortunately I wasnt.

Our children need our time, to be talked too not at them, to help them understand that although society should not have restrictions. There must be ways we behave in a nice way, be nice to people understand that the world actually needs fixing. Try and fix the problems that have been created by previous generations. Sadly this won’t happen with one generation it will take many generations to put it right.

We live in a very tough world today and preparing our children to live in it will be difficult, but they can learn from the lessons we teach them, to help prepare them for a long healthy successful life that will hopefully make it a better world than it is now.

The power is in our hands to change the way the next generation (our children) changes our world. So let’s not waste the opportunity to make the world a nicer world. Let’s teach our children the better way to live.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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