Teaching Your Children Problem Solving

I have always believed it’s so important to teach our children from a very young age to problem solve, but I’m not talking only about maths problem or a word search in a magazine although they are problems that will definitely teach them lots and help with their academic education. Life isn’t only about problem solving when it comes to education Our children need to learn that problem solving will be in every part of their lives so teaching them young problem solving techniques is vital. It will equip them though the minefield of those difficult teenage years, we all… [Read More]

Lessons Learnt: Lessons Taught Parent To Child

Growing up for me was at times very difficult. Did I learn anything about parenting from my own parents that I would be able to put to good use when I became a parent? The honest answer is no! Or least nothing that I could use because my parents were not the sort of role models you would wish for that’s for sure. I have always believed if we want our children to be an important part of society and make society a better place to live in we have to give them the tools and education to be good… [Read More]

When Will You Charge Your Children Rent?

I left school at 16 years of age and my mother was straight to the point. Right son, you need a job because I’m not keeping you. I imagine I timidly replied ok mum! So I got a job and after a full weeks work I was given my first pay packet. It was an incredible feeling receiving my first pay packet and seeing my name written on the little brown envelope with details of my pay. It was awesome. I got home feeling very proud and I couldn’t wait to show my mum and this is where the reality… [Read More]

5 life lessons to share with your children

I was tagged by the wonderful Emily who just happens to be my beautiful wife to take part in this tag. Emily blogs at Twin Mummy and Daddy. So here it is. 1. Education is still the way to a brighter future, a better job etc. So don’t go through school just doing enough work to get by. Work hard to get the best results you can and fulfill your potential in school.  2. Money. Manage your money sensibly and try and save some for a rainy day. Don’t get credit cards or borrow money if you can’t pay it… [Read More]