Unexpected Moments When I Needed Money Quickly

When you first get married and have bought or are renting your first home, there is a lot of expense and there is no doubt it’s very tough to balance the books. Sometimes I felt as though we were robbing Peter to pay Paul, and it always seemed forever until our next pay cheque. The consequences of this meant that I always found that within a week of payday, I’d run out of money. Quite often the only solution back in the day was to ask mum or dad for a loan. Thankfully things have changed since then, and nowadays… [Read More]

Why Seeking Financial Help is Often the Last Resort

We all have to deal with the immense pressure that modern society creates, what with the many outgoings a typical family has, and in the event a person finds themselves having to struggle to meet their monthly outgoings, there is a temptation to leave things as they are. Whether out of embarrassment or fear, some people prefer to ignore the final demand letters and refuse to answer the calls, somehow hoping that the problem will leave as quickly as it came. The reluctance to deal with an ongoing financial issue could stem from a number of reasons, which we will… [Read More]

Running Your Own Business Advantages/Disadvantages 

I have been running my own painting and decorating business for about 20 years now. I have never regretted starting out on my own, but that is not to say that it's been plain sailing all the way. Image source It was very tough in the beginning and of course the internet was not what it is today with the resources that are instantly available today at the click of a button. I would have been so happy in those early days if I could have found some free guidance on being your own boss that can be found online at Trevor… [Read More]

Cutting Household Bills Without Jeopardising Your Family’s Health

One thing which can often lead families into debt is household bills. After all, everything from heating bills, council tax, and water bills can lead us scrimping and saving to get by. But obviously, these things are important for our family to lead a happy and healthy life. However, while you can’t go without heating and water, there are some ways you can reduce the cost of the bills. In fact, here is how to cut household bills without jeopardising your family’s health. Be wiser with water It’s so easy for a family to use too much water on a… [Read More]

When Will You Charge Your Children Rent?

I left school at 16 years of age and my mother was straight to the point. Right son, you need a job because I’m not keeping you. I imagine I timidly replied ok mum! So I got a job and after a full weeks work I was given my first pay packet. It was an incredible feeling receiving my first pay packet and seeing my name written on the little brown envelope with details of my pay. It was awesome. I got home feeling very proud and I couldn’t wait to show my mum and this is where the reality… [Read More]