Lessons Learnt: Lessons Taught Parent To Child

Growing up for me was at times very difficult. Did I learn anything about parenting from my own parents that I would be able to put to good use when I became a parent? The honest answer is no! Or least nothing that I could use because my parents were not the sort of role models you would wish for that’s for sure. I have always believed if we want our children to be an important part of society and make society a better place to live in we have to give them the tools and education to be good… [Read More]

School Choice

It’s that time of year when parents start applying for places to get their child into a school of their choice, even though they are very possibly out of catchment. I fully understand parents wanting the best school for their child, but because the standards may not be what you want at your local catchment school, parents start to apply all over for the best and leave their catchment school as their last choice. This is all very good, but of course it has a knock on effect and parents are clambering over each other to get their child into the… [Read More]

Education in war-torn countries: what you can do to help

Being a parent really brings home the importance of education for children and you no doubt want your kids to get the best possible schooling. Fortunately, most youngsters in the UK have access to decent schooling, but the same can’t be said for children everywhere. Millions of kids growing up in war-torn countries around the world are prevented from attending classes on a regular basis because it’s too dangerous to do so or because the schools simply aren’t available. Highlighting the scale of this problem, a report released recently by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR suggested that more than half… [Read More]

Time and children

The concept of time for children is a long process of learning. My four year old twins know how to say one minute and so on, but they have no concept of how long one minute is. One of the examples of this is M. At four years old we have the same conversation on a regular basis at bedtime. Occasionally we allow the girls to watch night garden just before going to sleep in their beds and I always say three minutes, that’s all M, to which she replies four minutes, I will always say ok because I know… [Read More]

Teaching your toddlers to save money around the home

I have three and half year old twins and I think it is never to early to teach our children the value of money and how simple lessons at the toddler stage can be taken into adulthood It will hopefully help them use their own money wisely when they’re older. 1 .In today’s world water is expensive and we should try to save it so after your toddler has washed their hands encourage them to turn the tap off. I mean how many times have you gone into the bathroom and found that the tap is still running? If your… [Read More]

Teaching our children a winning mentality

It’s interesting that there two completely different sides to this, on the one side we have some schools that having sports days with winners and I am sure some schools teaching exactly the opposite that on sports day there are no winners just those that take part. Today I suppose it is not politically correct to encourage winning at all costs. Of course it’s the taking part that matters. Well I have difficultly in getting that in my head. Children should be taught a competitive edge and wanting to win because after all this is what will make our top… [Read More]

R&M on their new big bicycles

On the way home from Mr Tumbles circus we took a detour and went to Tesco’s to collect the girls new bikes. The bikes have a princess theme with a basket on the handlebars the basket is very important because R wanted her doggie to ride on her bike and M wanted her baby doll to ride on her bike.  The bikes came part assembled so I had to put a few things together not very difficult as the instructions were very good and easy to follow so it took me about 30 minutes to do both bikes.  The girls… [Read More]