It’s Summer That Means Day trips Out With The Family

The best part about summer is going on day trips as a family. This is something that we do very often through the summer months.

I thought I would share today some of the places that we plan to visit this summer. There are of course nowadays so many different types of trips you can go on. They usually turn into road trips for us because quite often we end up staying overnight at a local bed and breakfast, making it a fun couple of days.

On our trips we will always drive so it’s vital that our car is in tip top condition. As such, in March, I always put the car in for a major service, and to check if anything needs doing. I never put it off for another day, and I’ll also have the work done that day because the last thing I want is all of us sitting on the side of the road with a broken down car ruining our road trip, just to save a few pounds.

Nowadays modern cars, which ours is, have plenty of car safety features which is fantastic, and also gives peace of mind when I have my six year twin girls in the car with us.

So here are three places that we plan to visit this summer.

1. Safari Park

We have always been big fans of drive through safari parks. It’s an awesome experience being so close to large wild animals. We have been to a safari park most summers in previous years and this year won’t be any different. We are already booked to go to West Midlands Safari Park, and the girls are already very excited.

2. Farms

The selection of farms you can visit nowadays is massive and seems to grow year on year.

What’s really nice about a farm visit is that the girls get to feed sheep and goats, which they love to do, but it also means they can hold rabbits and guinea pigs and brush them too! Of course, it’s always finished off with a horse ride and yummy ice-cream! What more could you ask for.

3. Beach

On those beautiful warm summer days there is nothing better than going down to the beach for a dip in the water, and having fun building sandcastles with my six year old twins. It’s the perfect way to get away from the fast life we all seem to live nowadays. The best way to relax and enjoy family time.

So that’s my plan this summer! To get out and about, and enjoy some family day trips.

I always try to plan ahead and getting the car perfect is very important so we have no hitches when we decide to have a road trip.

What family day trips do you have planned this year? I would love hear.

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