Santa Safari At West Midlands Safari Park Our Trip #AD

There is no doubt in our home that Christmas is easily our favourite part of the year. When you have six year old twin girls that still fiercely believe in Father Christmas it gives the festive season that magical feel that only children can create. They believe, and that’s quite simply the magic of Christmas for my wife and I. So when I was invited to have the experience of a Santa Safari at West Midland Safari Park, we as a family took absolutely no convincing! West Midland Safari Park has without question become our favourite place to visit on… [Read More]

My 6 Year Old Twin Girls First Visit To The Circus

Yesterday we took our six year old twin girls to the circus. Somewhere they haven’t been before, and if I’m honest, it’s many a year since I have been to the circus. The last time I went to the circus, there was quite a selection of animals, but it appears those days have gone. Nowadays it’s more acts such as tightrope walking and the wall of death. It certainly has changed and evolved over the years. The circus we went to is Circus Vegas. It’s a is very American themed circus with lots of showgirls and heavily accented on Elvis…. [Read More]

A Fun Day At West Midlands Safari Park: Ice Age

One of the biggest highlights of our year is our annual visit to West Midlands Safari Park. It is slowly becoming a family tradition! This is actually our fifth visit in four years. It really is a special day out. Our six year twin girls always get very excited to know that we are going to visit again. They love the Safari drive through which allows them to see wild animals up very close. This particular visit they were very excited to see the new Ice Age exhibit, and truth be told I was very excited to see it as… [Read More]

It’s Summer That Means Day trips Out With The Family

The best part about summer is going on day trips as a family. This is something that we do very often through the summer months. I thought I would share today some of the places that we plan to visit this summer. There are of course nowadays so many different types of trips you can go on. They usually turn into road trips for us because quite often we end up staying overnight at a local bed and breakfast, making it a fun couple of days. On our trips we will always drive so it’s vital that our car is… [Read More]