Santa Safari At West Midlands Safari Park Our Trip #AD

There is no doubt in our home that Christmas is easily our favourite part of the year. When you have six year old twin girls that still fiercely believe in Father Christmas it gives the festive season that magical feel that only children can create. They believe, and that’s quite simply the magic of Christmas for my wife and I.

So when I was invited to have the experience of a Santa Safari at West Midland Safari Park, we as a family took absolutely no convincing! West Midland Safari Park has without question become our favourite place to visit on a day trip in the UK. It really does have everything to have the perfect day out. Add in the magic of Santa and I couldn’t have wished for a better way to start our countdown to Christmas.

We started out around 8am so we could arrive as the Safari Park opened. This would mean we would have enough time to drive through the self-drive safari at our leisure before going onto the main event, meeting Father Christmas.

We have been to West Midland Safari Park many times, but the truly awesome part of driving through the safari is that it is never the same. Something happens that will be different to the last time and on our visit on Saturday it was no different.

As we drove in there was a baby rhino chasing birds all over the field with their mum running behind them to make sure the little one didn’t hurt themselves! It was so unexpected and incredibly cute. A fantastic start to our drive through the safari!

Driving through the big cat enclosures is always for me an incredible experience. Being so close to such large animals likes the lions or tigers obviously from the safety of your car, really makes you realise how beautiful and graceful they are, but on the flip side how powerful and potentially dangerous they can be. As always the big cats did not disappoint. Watching a white lion having his breakfast which was a serious size bone definitely shows you how powerful the animals are, and yes I’m very happy to be in the safety of the car watching!

The elephants, camels and giraffes were the final part of the safari, and they were as always brilliant to watch as they moved across the fields in such a majestic way. The girls also got to feed the animals which is also a highlight.

My wife and I have always had a huge interest in nature and animals, and what is lovely to watch is our six year old twin girls developing the same interest as they get older. Learning to respect the many animals that inhabit our planet is such an important life lesson to teach our children and how we must protect them from becoming extinct, and for me what better place to start than a brilliant safari park like West Midland Safari Park.

We parked up and all had some lunch in the car, talking about the next part of our exciting day, meeting Father Christmas.

When we arrived at the entrance to the park there is a massive Christmas tree and plenty of snow everywhere to get you completely into the spirt of Christmas. I managed to get a lovely photo of the girls in front of the tree. Walking through to the where Santa’s grotto is you’ll see snowmen and a lovely layer of snow covering the grass, and as you walk through the arched entranceway snow is falling from above. The girls thought was particularly funny and they started to giggle uncontrollably!

The entire area around Santa’s grotto is covered in snow and it has a sleigh being pulled by zebra which the girls immediately picked up on shouting where are the reindeers which gave us all a chuckle! As we were in a safari park I actually thought it was a fantastic twist on the traditional reindeer and sleigh.

Santa’s Grotto

We were greeted at the entrance to Santa’s grotto by two of Santa’s elves and escorted onto a sleigh which would transport us to the North Pole for our visit with Santa. The sleigh ride was loads of fun and the elves were chatting to the girls all the time.

We then walked through a passage filled with Christmas lights to the sound of Christmas songs, and there were presents wrapped up which were stacked to ceiling.

Another elf met us at the door of Santa’s grotto. They chatted and asked the girls lots of questions. We were then shown into Santa’s room and he was fantastic. Immediately putting the girls at ease and asking them lots of questions. It was really sweet to watch them in total awe of Santa. It’s that magic again of being just six years old and believing. We had photos taken and Santa said to the girls to go into the workshop next door and they would be able to pick a present each and pick our photos up.

The presents were of great quality and a very large choice for the girls to choice from. The photos were also excellent and put into Christmas frames.

The final part of our Santa Safari was a visit to Mrs Claus’s kitchen where we were able to have hot chocolate, cookies and mince pies. They were very yummy and it was a perfect way to finish our day out at West Midland Safari Park and their Santa Safari.

If you have young children as we do, I would highly recommend West Midland Safari Park and their Santa Safari as a special day out. It’s fantastic value and a perfect way to enjoy the festivities of Christmas with your children. You can book tickets online here.

Here is a video of our day trip to the West Midland Safari Park Santa Safari.

My wife, Emily, also wrote about our day out. You can read her review on her blog here.

For the purpose of this review I was gifted complimentary tickets. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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