Jeff From A Dads Tale Is Today’s Guest Post 

The second of my guest posts this week is Jeff who blogs at A Dads Tale. He’s easily one of the best writers out there today and one of my favourite. His post is all about how his teen years shaped him as a dad today. Thank you to Jeff for guest posting today

Teen Me Dad me 

Have you ever stopped to wonder how different you are now from teen you? For me, thoughts like this pass through my mind daily. Maybe it’s because I now have a teen daughter.

I know dad me is way different from teen me in a lot of ways. When I was a teenager I could easily stay awake past 2am and still be up for 7am. Nowadays I’m lucky if I make it past 10pm and if I do, good luck getting up on time.

Teen me loved to head out to party’s. Drinking and marijuana was a part of my life. (which scares me having kids now) Dad me cleaned up when my kids came around. Now I haven’t had a drink in what seems like forever.

When I was a teen, I didn’t care much if I lived or died. Hated all holidays etc. All that mattered to me was doing what I wanted, when I wanted. Now that I’m a dad, I want to live forever! I love the holidays. Seeing my kids light up melts my heart. Now all that matters to me is my family.

I’m sure quite a few of you have a very similar story. A few things may change, person to person but I bet they are roughly on the same page. But what kind of dad post would this be if I just stated the obvious…

Well lets begin the way I thought, between teen and dad.

First of all I would like to state that I always wanted to be a dad. One of my main arguments against my mom was, “I won’t do this to my kids when I have them.” Hahaha was I ever wrong on that one!

Teen me felt all kids should stay up all hours of the day. Dad me has structure with routine. Bedtimes are near the same time every day so all my kids are well rested. Eat what you want, go out whenever and where every you want, swear, and so much more. Dad me won’t allow these things now.

Years back school was a joke. As a teenager I felt like high school meant nothing. The only reason I got my diploma is because my dad wanted me too. Well dad me would like to punch that kid! Years of labour have made me quite sore and even now, not applying myself in high school has stopped me from progressing.

I thought being cool and popular was what you needed as a teen. The more friends you had, the more people who knew you the better. Now as a dad, I only want to be around my wife and kids. I get bugged all the time by my teen daughter saying how un-cool I am. I love hearing that now.

Feelings of others did not matter to teen me. Don’t get me wrong, I would help my friends no matter what but if I didn’t know you, I could be an ass. Deep inside it killed me when making fun of someone, but being cool was way more important. I didn’t really cross a line like others but I also never stopped anyone from doing so. Now as a dad I love to help. I still can make a smart ass comment from time to time but I can’t stand others being the butt of a hate filled joke. I will also speak up when I feel things move from horsing around to an attack on someone. No more bullying will be tolerated.

It really is amazing to think back on your teen years and see the changes. You are the same person now as you were back then, just with a different outlook on life.

There are quite a number of things that have stayed the same over the years. I still love having fun, and joking around. Trying new things is still a must and my work ethic has only improved as it has always been very important.

All my teenage experiences helped pave the way to the dad I am today.

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