My Six Year Old Twins And Blogging They Are Noticing

Every morning when my twin girls get up I usually get up with them and they now just come in the lounge and turn on the television which they watch for about half an hour, I usually sit in the middle of them which gives me an opportunity to do some blogging setting up for the day, as well as share my post of the day on social media. While the girls are watching television.

This particular morning I happened to be commenting on a well known dad bloggers post, who goes by the name of Dad Blog UK aka John Adams. When all of sudden I heard by the side of me who is he then dad. So I explained he was a blogger like daddy at this point both the girls got involved, M said how old is he, sadly I had to admit he is younger than daddy. It was one of those moments where I didn’t know the answer. So I replied well I think he is about Forty. I then hastily changed the subject, for fear I would get it completely wrong.

I went on to tell the girls well actually you have met John very fleetingly in London once at a YouTube event which was held at London zoo when they were about three and half years old. R quickly piped Oh! Yes I remember him. Really are you sure yes I definitely remember him. She said. Ok then. So John you definitely left a huge impression there mate. Once seen never forgotten. It never ceases to amaze the things children remember. This was a moment that lasted maybe three or four minutes, but R was adamant that she remembered, who am I to doubt her.

What I find fascinating is how the girls are starting to notice that daddy and actually mummy are bloggers, which they totally accept as the way we earn a living. So hopefully in a few years blogging maybe will be accepted as a proper job. There is still that attitude that it is just a hobby with a few perks which today is sadly very far from the truth for many bloggers.

It all got me to thinking would blogging still be around when the girls are older and if they have been inspired to start a blog, it is of course entirely possible when you consider how much they have watched mummy and daddy blog.

A multitude of questions came into my mind then. If they started a blog what would they blog about beauty, fashion, family its impossible to tell, what will they watching on tv what would be their inspiration to blog. It really is hard to tell, because how far will the world moved on in ten years time considering how quickly it moves at the moment. The mind boggles.

Of course if they did decide to start blogging when they are older they most certainly will have two very supportive parents to help them any way they can.

Do you think your children will blog one day. I would love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “My Six Year Old Twins And Blogging They Are Noticing

  1. Interesting topic! I think my girls may end up blogging. They love creating our craft posts and always have a few words to add in. I’ve always been open with the girls about blogging & Eva being older knows it is a way for me to talk about my mental health and thinks it’s great other people may find our posts helpful. Whilst it doesn’t bring in cash, blogging does give us plenty of experiences & products to review we otherwise wouldn’t manage. I think blogging will soon be accepted as a ‘proper job’.

  2. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no. When people say they can remember me, I always fear the worst. What did I say to get myself in trouble???

    Anyway, my kids totally get what i do for a living. it is, to their generation, no big thing. To us, if a school friend appeared on TV they were the coolest person ever but media has diversified and out kids have grown up with it. Thing that frightens me is how naturally my kids take to Youtube. they absolutely love it. To them, blogging is just a way to bring in money, they definitely don’t think of it as a hobby.

    Oh, and yes, slightly north of 40.

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