Depression And When To Seek Out A Psychiatrist

Since my teenage years I have suffered from depression. There have, over the years been good times, but they have been intermingled with bouts of very severe depression that have lasted at times for years.

Although you have some good times throughout your life, depression is not something that ever leaves you. It will lurk in those dark spaces of your mind that you don’t want to visit, or at least it was not the place I wanted to live my life.

For many years I initially thought that all I suffered from was just feeling down in the dumps and I was well into my twenties before I even considered visiting my doctor. When I finally accepted that it was more than just feeling down I knew that I needed help.

After my initial visit to my doctor I was finally prescribed medication which without question helped to lift my mood, but they weren’t entirely solving the problem.

I realised very quickly that I was in fact just putting a plaster over the problem. I needed to find out what the underlying cause that was giving me these constant bouts of depression. My doctor referred me to a psychiatrist for therapy so we could get to some of the problems that were causing me to have depression. I always remember it was a difficult, tense time to be sat in a room with just one other person, and you have to open up all your mind and explain your issues. I always managed to go quiet and stop talking because I felt uncomfortable with this one to one session in an office.

Nowadays of course we have the internet which is something that didn’t exist in my twenties. Whilst I was browsing the other day I noticed a website called Better Help which will help you match to a psychiatrist that suits you, and the truly awesome thing is that you can have your session while you are in the comfort of your own home.

For me personally this would have been perfect. Being able to sit on my sofa in my lounge in total comfort, I know I would have opened up about how I was feeling and the issues I was suffering from. Sadly it was not available, and I believe now that I have probably suffered more bouts of depression than I would have otherwise.

Thankfully my life is now in a very good place. I’m content and I have a very supporting family around me. For all of that should I feel the wave of depression coming over me, which so often can happen without warning I wouldn’t hesitate to go online and seek a professional psychiatrist to help me.

Have you suffered from depression and would you consider going online for help? I would love to hear.

One thought on “Depression And When To Seek Out A Psychiatrist

  1. Hello Nigel – I want to thank you for this post of yours, which I stumbled upon after googling “painting UPCV doors” lol. So a triple benefit, reading about the doors, your other very helpful and interesting DIY entries, and the your words about depression with the link. This has helped me, all three. 🙂 thank you Nigel, you are clearly a very kind person who is gifted at being of service to others in a healing way! Much appreciate your openness. Kind regards, Denise C.

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