My Son A’Levels University And Music Festivals

This summer has seen a number of firsts for my 18 year old son, A.

For the last two years he has been studying for his A’ Levels and the subject that he has been concentrating on is Design and Technology, as this is the subject that he wants to go on to study at university.

My son definitely has a talent. One of his projects was exhibited at Cardiff university and his practical score for design and technology is the best a student has achieved at his high school ever, dropping just one mark. An amazing achievement and one he should be very proud of. I know I am very proud of him.

The day of his results came and he is very laid back about life in general and casually made his way to collect his results. One issue he had was he had an unconditional offer from Cardiff university, and he always knew that was there and I think he probably held back a bit and maybe didn’t revise as hard as he should have. The truth is though he wanted to attend Swansea university, and thankfully he must have done enough as his results were an ‘A’ in design and technology, two C’s and a D. These results were good enough for him to study at Swansea university.

So in early September he will be leaving his hometown to go about 45 minutes down the motorway. I’m sure he is little bit nervous, but he is not far away to be able to come home at weekends. This is going to be a big change in his life. He will need to be self-sufficient and be responsible for all his own decisions. This will be the beginning of becoming a fully fledged adult.

Finally he’s been to his first music festival. It was all a bit rushed as he had an opportunity at the last minute to buy a ticket for Reading Festival. He got himself all organised in under a day and I thought that this would be a real eye opener for my son. He’s not led a sheltered life, but a music festival will definitely show him some sights that he wouldn’t have seen before.

As any good parent I gave him some advice because quite honestly I couldn’t help myself! I knew he’d be fine and he loved every minute of it.

I told him to watch his drinks in case they were spiked, not to take any drugs offered to him, to avoid confrontation because you never know if somebody is carrying a weapon. Although the four friends he is going with are all huge, so I’m sure they’ll look after each other.

Finally, I asked him if he had any condoms because you never know you might get lucky, but the only memories you want to bring home from the music festival is the performance of the artists. I must admit I’m a little bit jealous because Eminem is headlining and he will be awesome.

On arriving back from the festival I asked him what was the highlight of the weekend, and in reply he said Liam Gallagher. It surprised me a little bit, but then I thought, yes, I understand that, because some 20 years ago I saw Oasis live and to this day it’s still one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

What made it special?

Simple really, Liam Gallagher. I remember the band coming on stage and there was no Liam and the first thought was he can’t be bothered tonight because he had a habit of doing that, but on stage was an old fashioned telephone box the door swung open and there was Liam standing there. His stage presence just blew the crowd away. All these years later my sons now grown up and has said exactly the same thing.

So my son is on his journey into adulthood , it’s truly started, but he is the most well adjusted sensible lad I know and I’m sure he will succeed at whatever he takes on in life. Love you lots, A. I’m very proud of you.

6 thoughts on “My Son A’Levels University And Music Festivals

  1. Aawww this is such a lovely post. My eldest is a year behind your son and just deciding on uni applications and the like . Am having to reel in the pushy mum and bite my tongue!! This growing up lark is hard!!! #TweensTeensBeyond

  2. Well done your son! That’s awesome. I have this next year….daughter did get a B in AS classics so there’s hope! She doesn’t know what she wants to do though…..there’s a problem. I hope your son had fun at Reading. #tweensteensbeyond

  3. Nigel as you know we have been through the results this summer too and are one week away from sending our eldest off to University. I cannot quite believe the moment is almost here. Our son is excited but equally nervous which is off course understandable but like your son and all the other thousands of others it will be a life-changing experience and one they will love – just like your daughter! Congratulations to your son and good luck. #TweensTeensBeyond

  4. Yes!! You have every right to be proud. He has done so well and has a huge talent by the sound of it. Sounds like he has had a great summer and he must be preparing to move out around now? You have done a fab job in raising him Nig and now it’s time to watch him fly. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

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