My Wife Is Training Hard For The London Marathon

Looking back to just under a year ago my wife announced to me that she was going to try get a place to run the London Marathon. I have no doubt that when my wife puts her mind to something she invariably achieves it. She is determined, driven and very focused.

If I am entirely honest there was a little, very small percentage inside my mind that thought you are mad woman and if she would actually go through with it, mainly because it’s a bloody marathon! That’s 26 miles, and previously she had only run half-marathons, and only two of those.

One of the biggest issues in running the London Marathon is actually trying to get a place. It is notoriously difficult with the ballot and you hear of many people applying for years and years, and still they never manage to get a place to run the marathon.

So one route to get a place in the London Marathon is via to try and get a charity place. It’s far from guaranteed, but it can definitely give you a better chance of getting in. Of course there is a minor drawback, and that’s that you have to raise money for the charity that you are running for, and we are not talking a small amount, it is usually around £2,000!

My wife was lucky enough to gain a place to run the London Marathon with a charity called WellChild. She had a fundraising target of £1,600 for the charity. My wife set about raising the money via kids parties, coffee mornings and standing in supermarket entrances with a bucket. In a very impressive way she raised all of the money and more before Christmas of last year. I was truly in awe of her drive to raise the money so quickly. My wife was also help raising the money, by her two main sponsors Four Walls Online and Rhiwbina Dental.

While the money was being raised, alongside this was the training for the London Marathon itself. This would entail running at least four out of seven days a week.

Once Christmas and the new year had passed it was time to get down to some very serious training. This means running four days a week, going to Barre class once a week, and also going to pump class once a week, which I affectionately call “bicep class”! This is designed to improve your core strength.

We are now just under a month before the big event running the London Marathon and as I watch my wife from the sidelines entering the most gruelling and toughest part of training which when I say gruelling I’m talking about anything between 22-32 kilometres (13-20 miles), that is in anybody’s book seriously tough. She’s averaging 36 miles a week (around 59 kilometres).My wife has never flinched or excused herself once from a training run, and I have seen her go out in all weathers and on occasion even when suffering from flu.

That is commitment! That is incredible, and quite honestly totally awesome. My wife is now completely focused on April 28th when the London Marathon takes place.

It’s a journey that started nearly a year ago and my pride for her overflows from me. My love for her is from here to infinity.

I struggled at times to convey to her how incredible she is to decide to run the London Marathon and then commit to a training schedule that is so tough it would leave me in a mess in the corner.

One part that will always stand out to me is that our seven year old twin girls will remember this time, and as they get older they will draw from this experience and it will enable them to take on the world as women and achieve, succeed and never let anything get in their way. They will know that anything is possible and that will be something that their mum taught them by her amazing achievements. You see I think actions speak louder than words and as a mum that is what my wife personifies to her children. They could not have a better example of how to live life than their mum.

My wife is truly inspirational and I do truly stand in awe of such an incredible woman.

On the day itself our twin girls and I will be in the grandstand at the finishing line cheering on their mum and my wife as she crosses the finishing line.

Are you a runner of marathons. I would love to hear of your experiences in the comments below.

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