Our adventure to see Justin and Mr Tumble

One year after buying the tickets to see Justin and Mr Tumble’s circus and all his friends, the day had finally arrived. The girls now being three years old, were very excited. Actually Mummy and Daddy were a little bit excited too!

Having watched Justin and his friends on CBeebies everyday for a long time it was going to be fantastic for them to see it all live on stage.

We set off about 11 o’clock and decided to have lunch in town, do a little bit of shopping and then onto the show. 

We arrived at TGI Fridays and the girls were a little bit in awe of how big the shopping centre and restaurant were.

It was the first time we didn’t take the pushchair so the girls looked very grown up walking around town. We all sat down and the girls were given colouring books and balloons to be entertained with before eating. We were there about one hour and the food was delicious!
We then did a little bit of shopping and then made our way to the theatre to see Justin, Mr Tumble and all their friends. 
The show started on time at 2 o’clock and it was a brilliant start with lights flashing, dancing and all the characters and people from CBeebies who are instantly recognisable. Then Justin came onto the stage to a huge cheer from the kids.
It was non stop fun, singing, dancing and the girls loved singing along and joining in with all the fun.
R was very funny miming along to all the songs and M never took her eyes off the stage. Incredibly one hour had gone and it really went very quick then there was a 20 minute interval.

The second half started with justin walking down the aisles with two bodyguards and lights flashing everywhere. This was followed by the tumblebirds a very funny play on thunderbirds. 
Then Andy, Kat and gem did a star light show which was amazing! 
The closing of the show was lots of circus acts including juggling, unicycles and lots of tricks. The finale was everybody on stage singing songs and dancing. 
The whole show was amazing and fantastic value. I wouldn’t hesitate to go again. It was brilliant fun. 
I would like to say Justin Fletcher is an all time star of children’s TV. He has so many characters and has a wonderful natural ability to connect with children.

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  1. I am definitely going to take Zach to this next year if they do it again. I think he'd have been just a bit young for the length of time it was on and for the epicness of Wembley but he#ll be 3 and a half this time next year so ready! Thanks for linking up with #twinklytuesday – we'd love it if you added our badge 🙂

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