Outdoor DIYs: Fun Projects For The Backyard

It might not be the right time of year to be outside in the garden, but spring will roll back around before we know it. If you’re planning ahead and thinking of projects you can complete next year, these three ideas will help to keep you busy!

A garden shed

A garden shed can be so much more than just a shed. It can be a workshop, a man cave- a place to create and utilise your tools. If you enjoy woodturning on a lathe, brewing beer or trying your hand at metal forgery in your spare time then this kind of structure would be ideal for taking part in these hobbies. There are plenty of DIY shed kits that you can put together yourself using wood or metal, or you could go a step further and build something of your own design. You can find reinforcement products online to create the initial structure and then build it from there, or use panels of wood or sheet metal depending on the look you’re after.

A treehouse

The number one thing to think about when it comes to building a treehouse is of course safety. You’ll need the right kind of tree initially, and be able to firmly attach it to the trunk and branches without it becoming loose or falling apart. There’s plenty of advice online and forums where you can speak to other DIYers if you want to share your plans and seek guidance. A treehouse will always go down well with kids, a place they can hang out, play and enjoy the garden when the weather improves again. This isn’t an easy project, and definitely more for the more accomplished DIYer. Since every tree is different, the method you’ll need to use to secure it will be different and you’ll need to use your common sense as well as your experience in creating these kinds of structures.

A dog kennel

Dogs really are part of the family, and should spend most of their lives inside with the humans. However, there are situations where you’ll need your dog to be outside for a while, and so building them a kennel is a great way to keep them safe and dry. Maybe your dogs are a little boisterous or suffer with aggression issues, meaning they can’t be around guests. Perhaps you just need them out of the way every now and again like when you’re cleaning the house, or when you have workmen in and the door will be left open. If you have large dogs or multiple dogs, forget the little wooden house-like structures. You need something more like a shed with a large enclosed run like this on Pinterest– basically a giant rabbit hutch! It gives you an area where the dog has shelter and warmth, but they can also sit outside and and sunbathe too. It’s perfect if you need to leave them outside now and again, but keep them secure. If your dog can easily clear your fence then something like this would give you peace of mind.

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