Rollercoasters High Blood Pressure and Vomit

A few days ago a I read a fantastic blog post written by John Adams from Dad Blog UK called “Daddy Will You Come On The Rollercoaster”. The post was fabulously entertaining and although I shouldn’t have laughed I couldn’t help it at times, because like John, I too have an innate fear of rollercoasters. Although I found it amusing, I also had great sympathy with him. It also brought back memories of two such occasions when I couldn’t avoid going on a rollercoaster.

      These are the only ones that could get me on rollercoaster.

Rollercoaster Ride Nightmare 1

The first such occasion was about 8 years ago when my two of my older children were teenagers. Of course this means they are fearless and yes totally indestructible. It is a shame that you learn fear as you get older but in my case fear was there from early childhood, I used to avoid the swings and roundabouts in our local park when I was small child. My stomach was simply not made to be left behind or turned around 360 degrees for supposedly searching out an adrenaline rush. I guess you are now getting the idea, yep, Im not an adrenaline junkie haha!

So one day we decided to go on a trip to a theme park about a two hours drive from where we live. My children had been asking for ages to go so after relentless pressure I gave in and on a sunny day in the middle of summer we went. It was my three older children as the twins were not born yet and my wife who I might also add loves rollercoasters.

On arrival my two eldest daughters couldn’t wait to get started and headed straight for the biggest and fastest rollercoaster called Speed. They were instantly in the queue, and before I knew it they had been on it twice! I was pretty sure that my wife had been on it at least once by this stage. My daughters, I have to say love rollercoasters and the bigger, faster and more scary the better it is for them. Thankfully my son is like me and doesn’t particularly like rollercoaster rides so of course being just 10 years old somebody had to stay with him. Phew! Which I mistakenly thought was letting me off the hook.

It wasn’t a let off, after lots of pressure and convincing me that everything will be ok I relented and said I would go on. The fear and dread just waiting in the queue was building up inside of me whilst everybody around me was smiling and laughing. I was turning white with fear, and one single thought kept running through my mind ” jeez what the hell are you doing you idiot”! So finally we were all locked in and it climbed to the highest point of the ride and then wham! It let go! The ride which is called speed lived up to its name and a lot more! It had twists and turns, it went upside and it went on forever! Well not quite! It was actually 38 seconds. I asked! I managed to do the whole ride without opening my eyes and screaming and wailing get me off! This ride was torture. If I had a state secret and MI6 was trying to find out what it was, all they would have do is threaten to put me on a rollercoaster, and I would spill the beans in seconds!


So I got off and felt decidedly unwell instantly and I quickly found somewhere quiet to vomit and vomit some more! At which point I had no sympathy from anyone. I was left sitting at a picnic bench recovering and they went off to the next ride, telling me to catch up when I felt better. Thanks Guys!

Rollercoaster Ride Nightmare 2

My second and I guarantee last experience of rollercoasters was just last year on our visit to Disneyland Paris. Thankfully our six year old twin girls are too young and not tall enough to go on the really fast rollercoaster rides or at least I thought.

Disneyland Paris has a ride called Crushers Coaster Which is based very loosely on a scene from Finding Nemo. Like a lot of rides at Disneyland you have to queue and this was no exception. It was a two hour queue! The fact that it was ok for my six year old twins meant I thought I will be fine, how wrong was I.

We queued and finally when we reached the point of no return I had a bit of a shock and a massive dilemma. A sign on the wall said anybody suffering from high blood pressure should avoid this ride. Really! Having had a stroke a few months earlier which was caused by high blood pressure, this was a huge  dilemma. The problem was simple. Do I say no I’m not going on and let one of the girls down or do I go on so the girls can have an exciting time on a rollercoaster? Well I did what every sensible normal thinking adult with high blood pressure would do and I said come on let’s do it! This was commitment to your children’s enjoyment on a whole new level!


Oh! how I wish I hadn’t initially said yes to going on Crushers Coaster. The ride moved quickly away and took a sharp corner and I thought that’s not so bad, then we went through some curtains and the ride looped and turned to what seemed like a hundred times at a very high speed, spinning around constantly, but in reality I think it was about seven times. We apparently at one point were outside in the park, not that I would have noticed I had my eyes closed as usual, haha! I came off the ride white as a sheet totally white knuckled, but I was alive! Every cloud has a silver lining!

I have decided I was not designed or made to ride rollercoasters, and I will avoid them at all costs.

As I get older my bucket list will not include adrenaline filled activities like sky diving, bungee jumping or tightrope walking,l. It is more likely to include finishing a game of monopoly or completing a jigsaw.

I actually would rather amputate my right hand with a pen-knife than ride another rollercoaster.

Do you like riding rollercoasters? Or like me do you hate them? I would love to hear in the comments below.

25 thoughts on “Rollercoasters High Blood Pressure and Vomit

  1. I get motion illness at the best of times, I’ve not yet managed to conquer rollercoasters because of such. I totally feel your pain! I feel a bit sad about it because I feel like it means I miss out on some fun but just can’t do it. #ThatFridayLinky

  2. As a teen, I loved riding roller coasters. My dad had heart surgery fifteen years ago, and one of the first things he did after his recovery was riding roller coasters with me! He was like, “Now I can ride this!”
    I really am a huge fan of my dad. Now that he’s a grandpa, I don’t think he should be riding roller coasters anymore. Hehe. He can go on kiddie rides with his grandkids. #ThatFridayLinky

  3. With you there, Nige. They scare me silly. A few years ago I went with my son’s football team to Manchester, and the trip included a visit to Alton Towers. Ever heard of the Smiler? I did it as my son and his team-mates were doing it, and I had to man up. Like you, I barely opened my eyes and hated every second of it. My son and his mates, like you say, indestructible, loved it! I went on several others, and they were just slight variations on a form of torture for me. I met one of the dads, and his son, later, conspicuous by their absence from all the rides. His first and last rollercoaster visit that day was the Smiler and the two of them opted out afterwards. “I made my peace with the Smiler, and it made its peace with me,” he explained with a grin. Wish I had! Great post. #ThatFridayLinky

  4. Absolutely hate them – and feel internally aggressive when I see my family on them. I could tear the rides down to get them off. They have finally excepted it and I appreciate that I can “look after all the bags” and eat donuts somewhere at a safe distance. I think it’s a win win xx

  5. I’m totally with you on this, I can’t bear roller coasters. I went on the Corkscrew before they took it down. It frightened the bejesus out of me. I don’t mind the cute little kids ones where you stay the right way up, but upside down. no thank you.
    My worst experience was at a local funfair though. Our middle one was about 8 and wanted to go in the barrel. You know that thing when you stand in a cage round the edge of the inside of a giant barrel and it spins then tilts up. We watched it and it seemed quite quick and not too bad…Time slowed down when I was on that godawful thing and I ended up crouched down on the floor clinging onto the cage bars whimpering , my son next to me shouting , ‘that was awesome!’
    The people watching from the ground found it very amusing. I love my son but never ever again! Luckily he’s old enough to go to things like that without me now.

  6. I used to love rollercoasters in my early teens, until I had a bad bout of anxiety following a bereavement. Around the same time, I went on a rocking ship when a carnival came to town. The bar wasn’t locked in properly and I spent the whole ride trying to desperately hold on and grip the floor with my shoes, terrified that I was going to fall out. What with that experience and increased anxiety anyway it put me off and I’m not sure I can see me ever going on a rollercoaster again! #ThatFridayLinky

  7. Love this Nigel and thanks for the mention. Well, actually, no, I don’t love it. I feel queasy reading it truth be told! You have also taken commitment as a father to amazing new heights by going on that rid ein DIsneyland Paris> Great read Nigel, even if I am now queasy.

  8. OMG I HATE rollercoasters too! I have vomited so many times as my teens have dragged me on this ride and that. I’m also very scared of them now so I just politely say that I will hold the bags! #thatfridaylinky

  9. We went on a baby one last summer with the Nips while on holiday in California and it was fun. But it was a tiny one. I’ve never been on a proper one but probably with good reason! That said, I’ll defo go on one before my toes curl up – bucket list and all the shite!!!!! #ThatFridayLinky

  10. I have always been a massive fan of rollercoasters and the ones in Orlando were the biggest and fiercest I had ever been on. I can understand your fear though as my husband has it. It doesn’t stop him as he tries to conquer his fear but he literally grabs on with all his might and closes his eyes the whole way through! #ThatFridayLinky

  11. Oh gosh, I am not a fan of roller coasters, don’t like it when I am not in control and potentially can kill myself especially with the recent headlines of disasters that have occurred X #thatfridaylinky

  12. I went to Alton Towers when I was younger and was forced to ride everything by my bullying partner. But, I did actually enjoy myself. I haven’t been to a theme park for a long time though and I don’t think they would let me on anything now. I can’t take my kids because my one daughter has had spinal surgery so we just avoid them anyway. I’m surprised by the comments at just how many people don’t like them…the theme parks must rely on the teens to stay open 🙂

  13. Made me smile. Hate rollercoasters and not the greatest of that type of risk-taker. Happily signed my son over to PRs in Orlando on a press trip so he got the thrill of it all so I didn’t have to although I did try a couple of rides just to see if I did actually like them. Now I know I was right to think I wouldn’t. Give me a good board game, book or walk please! #ThatFridayLinky #BinkyLinky

  14. Since birth, I have despised roller coasters. Why go if you are so afraid, was my thought. Well, one trip to Disney I was taunted by my sister into going on Space Mountain. Fear, capital F. My stomach was ailing as we queued the way to our space car. Well, in the middle, while upside down, the entire ride stops, a recording to stay belted in plays, and all the lights come on. Holding on for dear life, I saw a sea of cameras, food, hats, gloves, misc foodstuffs on the floor. Remnants of ride goers that had fallen. They must have quite the cache each night. Well, the ride eventually resumed, I nearly soiled myself, and I never step foot on a rollercoaster again. Now, with my back and neck, I am the one who happily sits down and holds everybody’s stuff, while they twist, turn and hurl. #thatfridaylinky xo

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