New Years Resolutions For Your Car

As the new year begins all of us decide, what our new year resolutions are going to be. It could be to lose a few extra pounds of weight or get ourselves fitter and healthy.

Bearing all of that in mind how many of us consider having a few new year resolutions for a very trusted friend that sits on our drive night and day, and let’s be honest is largely ignored because we jump in our car and just expect it to start and nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately that is not always the case our friend, the car needs some TLC too. So here are my new year resolutions for my car too make sure nothing goes wrong throughout the year.

1. MOT

The MOT is most likely the most important part of keeping your car in good condition and to find out if anything needs repairing or replacing it’s a health check for your car that happens once a year and if you live in London you can book an MOT for as low as £39 from Iverson Tyres. The MOT gives you peace of mind that your car is in the best working order, but there are many other things that you can do yourself throughout the rest of year.

2. Tyres

I’m sure most of us never look at our tyres until something goes wrong, but they are vital that you have safe journeys they are the main point of contact between you and road. You should check on a monthly basis that the pressure is correct and that the tread is within the legal limit and remember to check the very inside of the tyre this is were they can be badly worn mostly due to power steering which of course most cars have today or the alignment could need correcting which can go out of alignment due to the million potholes we are constantly avoiding nowadays.

3. Servicing

We can all be guilty of putting off servicing the car because we haven’t got time or sometimes can’t afford the cost. Servicing your when it’s due is so important for a number of reasons first of all it checks that everything is ok and having the oil changed gives you a better running engine which will protect the engine and keep the emissions to a minimum which of course helps the environment.

4. Brakes

In between having your yearly MOT it’s worth having a brake check. This is what stops us in an emergency and last thing you want is worn brakes that don’t stop you in time and possibly causing an accident.

5. Levels

Checking all the levels in your car on a regular basis is very important. If for example the your car starts to use more oil than normal and level goes below what it should be this could damage the engine and cost a lot of money to put right. All water levels should be checked and the water level for washing the windscreen is vital especially in the winter, when driving on the motorway you seem to be forever cleaning the windscreen last thing you want is to run out of water, just because you forgot to check it.

So there you are that is my new year resolutions for my car to make sure it is running in tip-top condition and doesn’t let me down when I need it most.

Have you got any new year resolutions for your car I would love to hear in the comments below.

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