Scaries And Fairies Disco: My Sunday Photo

My five year old twin girls are now in Year 1 in school, and the annual Scaries and Fairies disco for Halloween was on Friday just gone at their School.

We have been the previous two years and I remember vividly the first year when the girls were in nursery that they lasted about 15 minutes before crying and getting upset at all the scary costumes and decorations and we ended up leaving.

Last year there was definitely an improvement and we managed to stay for the entire disco, and the girls got involved in dancing and the competitions, but always keeping a careful eye to where we were standing. You could see that they still needed that security that we weren’t far away.

So on Friday it was actually quite a shock when we attended the Scaries and Fairies disco. The girls got their faces painted and dressed up for the disco. Once we were inside they were gone, dancing and chatting to their friends, how a year has changed them. I’m pretty sure they never looked around to see where we were, unless they wanted food or a drink. Haha! They are definitely growing up and finding a new found independence when among their peers.

Although one thing has not changed, there may only be two minutes between them in age, but their tastes are polar opposites as you can see from my Sunday photo. R as per usual is a Superhero and on this occasion it’s the Incredible Hulk, face painted to match.

M is Moana, although I’m struggling to work out where Moana belongs in a Halloween party, haha, but so what she looks so pretty especially with her face painted to look like a beautiful butterfly.

It’s a shame in a way that they are growing so quickly, but so lovely to watch them show so much more confidence and less dependence on mum and dad.

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