Making Your Home More Secure With The Yale All-in-One Security Camera #AD

Feeling secure in your home is so important, especially for me because I have seven year old twins. The thought of somebody attempting to break into our home is without doubt something that can give you a very uneasy feeling. A few weeks ago my wife went out the back garden early one morning and found our shower room window had been smashed from outside. It was a very unnerving feeling to think that somebody was in our back garden in the dead of night while we slept. attempting to break in. It also made me think very hard about… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo (My New Canon Powershot G7X MK2)

My Sunday photo this week is a Pieris, also known as the forest flame. It’s easily one of my favourite plants, and the little red flowers are just beginning to show as summer approaches. What’s particularly special about this photo is that it’s taken with my new toy! The Canon Powershot G7X mark 2. This is an awesome camera! It’s incredibly easy to use which it needs to be for me, as I am a complete novice with cameras. As I was spending a lot of money, I like to do my homework and a review by Darren at photalife definitely… [Read More]

Kidde Remote Lync Camera Review 

In today’s world our homes are full of very expensive high tech equipment and keeping it safe can be very difficult. Laptops nowadays hold so much of our personal information. The last thing anybody wants is it falling into the wrong hands. I was recently asked if I wanted to review a Kidde Remote Lync Security Camera. This took me a split second to decide, yes! It’s a revolutionary new home security camera that allows you to keep a close eye on your home via your phone when you are not there. This really does change home security and the… [Read More]