My Wife Is Seriously Awesome And I Love Her: The London Marathon 2019

Approximately 18 months ago my wife, Emily, decided to take up running. She felt she was not as fit as she would like to be, and as a teenager she enjoyed running so it seemed a natural thing to do to take up running again. I clearly remember her going on those first few runs of just 1k. She would come back feeling knackered, and I imagine it would have been so easy to just stop as it’s far too much effort, but no, my wife is made of much stronger stuff than that. My wife gradually built up her… [Read More]

Snow Dogs Wales

On Saturday of last weekend we decided to go to our local science centre in Cardiff Bay called Techniquest. Our five year old twins love experimenting with all the different exhibits. I quite enjoy it myself if I’m honest. Haha! Big kid at heart. The point of the trip wasn’t just to visit techniquest though. In Cardiff and the surrounding areas, there is a charity fundraiser going on called #snowdogswales. You may be wondering exactly what it’s all about so I will explain. #snowdogswales is raising money for a local children’s hospice called Ty Hafen. I was very fortunate a… [Read More]

Education in war-torn countries: what you can do to help

Being a parent really brings home the importance of education for children and you no doubt want your kids to get the best possible schooling. Fortunately, most youngsters in the UK have access to decent schooling, but the same can’t be said for children everywhere. Millions of kids growing up in war-torn countries around the world are prevented from attending classes on a regular basis because it’s too dangerous to do so or because the schools simply aren’t available. Highlighting the scale of this problem, a report released recently by the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR suggested that more than half… [Read More]