Should We Encourage The Competitive Edge

We live in a world today that is very much dog eat dog, and in the business, sport or in fact any path we take in our lives, it has a competitive edge to get ahead or finish first, or top of the pile. This is the way the world has evolved. There was a time when it was natural to just take part without the fear of not winning. It didn’t matter where we finished and we didn’t need reminding, it’s the taking part that matters, which we are now on a regular basis reminded of by schools or… [Read More]

Are you a pushy or encouraging parent?

Here’s a dilemma. When is it considered you are an encouraging parent or you are a pushy parent? As a dad of five children my older three children have always been involved in sport and activities outside of school. All three played football to which I was very involved and the truth is I wanted them to achieve. Yes, I admit I wanted them to be the best, but that can’t always happen children are natural athletes, but of course some have to work a bit harder at it.  I stood on the sidelines of football pitches in all… [Read More]

The competitive nature of parents

Having children is the most wonderful and rewarding experience you could ever wish for, but why is it that some parents feel the need to compete with other parents on just about everything? Here are a few things I have heard after having five children. I’ve learned to take no notice of them, but I can completely understand how some parents feel inadequate after hearing such things. Children develop and grow at their own speed and it’s important that we remember this. 1. I am sure we have all heard this one! When a parent says my baby has put… [Read More]