The 4 Biggest Dangers of DIY Appliance Repairs

Malfunctioning appliances are never easy to deal with and there’s never a good time for a washer, dryer or any major appliance to fail on you. However, while going DIY might seem like a good solution in some cases, it’s not always recommended to perform DIY repairs on appliances because of the dangers involved. Here are some of the most common dangers associated with DIY appliance repairs. Electrical Issues Most people only have a superficial understanding of electrical appliances and how they may affect your grid and other components. Electrical work is no simple task and there really is no… [Read More]

Top Tips For Re-Wiring Your Home

The decision to re-wire your home is never one that should be taken lightly. This is a time consuming, disruptive and potentially dangerous project. Unless you have experience dealing with electricity then this is not something you should do yourself. You should also be aware that there are regulations regarding re-wiring which must be adhered to. You can check with your local authority what these are exactly. The concept of electricity as we know it was first discovered in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin. Since then Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and now electricity is everywhere! Here are the top… [Read More]