Remembrance Sunday And My 6 Year Old Twin Daughters: My Sunday Photo

On Monday last week all the children at our daughters school were asked to bring rocks or pebbles into school. have to admit I had no idea why and true to form I completely forgot. I told the teacher we had forgotten and she said tomorrow would be fine to bring them in. By chance when I was walking back to my car to go to work I bumped into one of the other mums and mentioned if her daughter had taken a rock in and she replied yes, and she said I have some spares which I was welcome… [Read More]

All This Spare Time: What Will We Do? Get Very Romantic.

Last week, as I have already written, my four year old twins started school full-time. My only job of the week was decorating a hall/landing and stairs in a semi detached house which went a lot quicker than I had anticipated, enabling me to finish by mid morning on Friday.   What could we get up to in an empty house? Get romantic, wink wink! Sounds like a plan! No chance of being disturbed by the sound of tiny feet wandering in! Oh Yes ! Undisturbed SEX! Yayyyy… I arrived home around 11am and my wife was sitting at the… [Read More]