The Internet Crashes. OMG! What Will We Do ? 

The internet crashes worldwide what would we do really it’s a question that I have thought about a few times. OMG ! Life would be so different well actually no it would be like going back to childhood.  I remember the early days of the Internet when we had dial-up and  it to take an enternity to connect and eventually connect only to diisconnect a minute later it was always so incredibly frustrating.  Of course the internet has moved on just little since those days to the point where just about every part of lives is in some way or… [Read More]

The Youth Today: Do They Listen to Advice?

The youth of any generation. Do they ever listen to anybody who may have lived just a bit longer, or is it me that thinks this current generation of young people believe everything that the Internet and social media tell them, thus making their opinions fool proof, and God forbid you question it or even refute it as not true, making our opinions null and void. There seems to be an attitude by the current teenagers that they know the answer to everything and they simply don’t listen or take notice of anybody that has lived a little bit longer… [Read More]