The Internet Crashes. OMG! What Will We Do ? 

The internet crashes worldwide what would we do really it’s a question that I have thought about a few times. OMG ! Life would be so different well actually no it would be like going back to childhood. 

I remember the early days of the Internet when we had dial-up and  it to take an enternity to connect and eventually connect only to diisconnect a minute later it was always so incredibly frustrating. 

Of course the internet has moved on just little since those days to the point where just about every part of lives is in some way or another is control by the internet 

I was shopping the other day and I’m sure like a lot of you we pay by debit card if the internet has broken down worldwide and you don’t have that old fashion thing called cash. You can’t pay actually even if you had cash you still can’t pay the tills are linked to the internet. They probably would’nt be able to open the tills. Never mind revert to looting. 

Watching television could be fun as more and more tv’s are internet based so no internet no tv or radio for that matter your entertainment has just disappeared in a flash. 

Google would be obsolete now this is a big one like a lot of people we google everything from when our children  are unwell googling the symptoms to work out what’s making them ill and when you just can’t remember something from the past google is there to help  google is firmly rooted in our society but the internet has crashed google is gone forever. 

Shopping online now apparently makes up a huge percentage of our shopping habits if we don’t have the internet we can’t shop online many stores would most likely go bankrupt without online shopping. 

Of course blogging will be become a thing of the past no internet well every blog in existence will disappear without a trace. All our hard word losted in cyber space. 

YouTube it’s gone no more music videos no more vloggers omg what will the youth of today do with their every waking moment haha! Maybe read a book put pen to paper and write something what a novelty that would be. 

The internet is now as important if not more important than the invention of electricity because as a human race we couldnt exist without the internet we are a slave to it what we don’t realise is that it has woven it’s way into every part of our lives. Taking away some of our good old fashioned values of family time. 
The big question for me is instead of everybody sitting around watching tv together as a family nowadays everybody is in a different room doing something different on the internet such as a laptop,Xbox or something else and probably only bump into each other in the kitchen when making a cup of tea. 

The internet is a wonderful invention but is the speed that it is moving at is frightening. Is dividing family’s. Making us all a bit more less likely to talk as a family. 

Would love to know what you think ? 

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