Keeping On Top Of Your Mental Health Issues With Therapy

If you have suffered from mental health issues for most of your life, which is something I have had to deal with throughout my life, then you may find that keeping your mind healthy is an ongoing situation that quite honestly never goes away. That’s why finding a way forward to lead a positive life is vital. When you suffer from depression or any other mental health issue it has to be managed and controlled. There are a number of ways that this can be done. Sometimes medication is required to help with your depression, but that will only go… [Read More]

My Mental Health And Counselling

I have on many occasions written about how I have suffered from my mental health issues, and at times how I have reached some very dark places at different stages of my life. There is no doubt that nowadays I am in a better place than I have ever been in my life. I’m content, and contentment is a vital part of your well being. It has given me peace in my mind, and this has allowed me to not be affected by the issues that have caused some of my mental health problems that I have suffered in the… [Read More]

Top tips to help your child to sleep

I am a dad of five children and have had my fair share of sleepless nights. There can be a number of reasons why your child won’t sleep including colic, wind, hunger or just simply needin a nappy change. Colic in particular affects one in five babies in the UK. Britain’s number one colic remedy, Infacol, carried out research into snooze habits from around the globe. Here are some sleeping tips from midwife Nikki Khan. “Many mums will have heard of baby massage, but inSweden they instead practice ‘buffing’. After laying their barn on its belly, Swedish mammas and pappas pat the baby’s bottom in a circular motion… [Read More]

The first few weeks at home with the girls

After getting through the first night the reality of the girls being at home was beginning to hit home! The routine that the special care unit had drummed into us was becoming invaluable. The girls fed every three hours and their medication had to be added to every bottle of milk. We recorded everything by keeping a diary of every ounce of milk they drank along with the times they drank them! M was beginning to suffer very badly from silent reflux. It was terrible for her, but also frustrating for us as parents. After taking her to see a… [Read More]