Christmas I’m So Lucky But Not Everybody Is

I’m so lucky that over the Christmas period I will be surrounded by love and warmth from my family that you simply can’t put a price on. There is really nothing unusual about this because for many millions of families it will be the same scene in homes all over the world. However, for many they won’t be surrounded by a loving family. There will be many lonely people this Christmas Day and it will feel just like another day. Loneliness on Christmas Day is something which I’m no stranger to. I have spent Christmas day alone on a couple… [Read More]

A Thought for the Homeless 

Christmas and new year is over for another year and I was lucky enough to spend the festive season in the bubble of my wonderful family. Enjoying the love and happiness that only a family can give to each other.   During the build-up to Christmas, like many of us, I went on a yearly visit to do my Christmas shopping in our town centre and every year I notice something that seems to be on the increase, homeless people.  When I was growing up there seemed to be a stereotypical homeless person, usually a male and old, and in… [Read More]