Our Embryos: Letting Go

If you are regular reader of my blog, you will know it’s predominantly a parenting blog and will also know that I have been married twice, after my first marriage I decided with I might a considerable amount of pressure to have a vasectomy, at the time I was already a father of three children, and I guess I never intended having any more children. In life there is no way of looking into the future, and if I’m honest I’m not I would want to at times. But to cut a long story short my first marriage ended and… [Read More]

IVF And Men

My six year old twin girls were born after my wife and I went through a cycle of IVF. I have to say that I have always felt incredibly lucky that on our very first try we got pregnant with twins, especially when you hear of the heartbreak that many couples go through, and numerous cycles they endure. It’s tough emotionally, but also financially when so often it sadly ends in failure. Strangely one of the feelings I felt at the time was one of guilt that we had been not only been fortunate to get pregnant, but getting pregnant… [Read More]

What if you can’t get IVF with donor eggs on the NHS

IVF with donor eggs via the NHS is available only when certain criteria are met. For instance, if your wife or female partner is over 43, she is no longer eligible for free treatment. Moreover, the waiting lines are often long as the number of infertile couples in the UK is growing rapidly every year. If you already fall outside the NHS criteria, you may need to find a private fertility clinic and pay for your own IVF treatment. If you have already unsuccessfully undergone IVF with own eggs, it may be that IVF with donor eggs is now the… [Read More]

Breast or Bottle: A Dads Perspective 

I seem to read a never ending amount of posts about the advantages and disadvantages of breast or bottle, and 99.9% of the time they are written by mums, which if I’m honest is what I would expect.     There always seems to be a lot of argument and debate over what is best, but rarely have I seen a post by a dad on the subject of breast or bottle fed babies, so I thought I would give my view on what appears to be a controversial subject. I have to say that I’m not passionate about either…. [Read More]

IVF Rollercoaster of Dreams 

The IVF journey is one that I would compare to a rollercoaster of emotions. It can be heartbreaking, yet at the other end of the scale it can bring incredible joy. It’s a bit like getting to the end of the rainbow to find your pot of gold, but with IVF it’s having that wonderful moment when you get to hold your new born baby and all the heartache is taken away. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way, but here is my story. My wife and I were, for various reasons not eligible for NHS treatment so we… [Read More]

IVF Rollercoater #1 PESA surgical sperm retrieval

I have been married twice and during my first marriage I had three children at which point I was coerced and convinced to have a vasectomy. Looking back it was the wrong decision. The cost of the vasectomy was just £125 and it was all over in approximately 15 minutes. My first marriage ended and I then met the love of my life, my wife of now. After being together for some time it was obvious that we wanted children together. However there was just a slight problem and that was that it wasn’t going to happen naturally, but the… [Read More]

Are private clinics overcharging for IVF

Our girls were born through IVF using a private clinic because we were not eligible for NHS treatment. One thing that has never ceased to amaze me is that all these clinics use an emotive subject to basically charge what they want when people are vulnerable and very desperate to become parents. I say this because no two clinics charge the same price. Surely the cost should be the same wherever you go. I am no fool and all these clinics are businesses, but are they businesses first or a place of real help for people to become parents, but… [Read More]