Picture book reviews from Curious Fox

Bedtime story in our home is a very important part of the day and our twin girls love having a story read to them by their mum. Recently I was sent four picture books from the publisher Curious Fox. HERBIE’S BIG ADVENTURE by Jennie Poh is a story of a loveable hedgehog going out into the big world to gain his independence. The story is brought to life with the brilliant illustrations which are also by the author Jennie Poh.      The girls and I loved the little nervous hedgehog who summons all his courage up to go on his… [Read More]

My children and me

I have five children and I suppose I wonder what they really think of me as a dad. It’s an age old question, but I wonder if they’re proud of me, embarrassed by me or not. Actually all of them I’m sure at some point or another. have been! Do they see me as their very own cashpoint? A little bit I imagine! My oldest and first born is J. She will be 21 this year. My goodness where have the years gone? One of loveliest things is that she will always ring and ask my advice when she needs… [Read More]

The A-Z of me

Recently I have noticed a lot of A-Z about yourself posts so I thought I would do one. It only took me a short while because I couldn’t think of anything negative about myself! So here it is. I hope you enjoy reading it! A. Is because I am adorable! B. Because I am beautiful in every way! C. Cute as a button – that’s me! D. Because I have a dark side like a Jedi knight! E.I have a big ego and I am just a little bit eccentric. F. Because I am filthy rich. G. Generous to a… [Read More]

Me time

Some days I feel like I never get a break from the same old same old not very often I admit, but very occasionally I feel like I am ready to explode with all the pressures life gives us. The routine of work, children etc can be all consuming and just every now and again it would be nice to have some me time.  My work is very busy with customers constantly wanting me to do something. I know I would be moaning if I had no work and I should thank my lucky stars that I am so busy,… [Read More]