The Stress Of Moving Home

Over the years I have moved house more times than I can count. This was something that started when I was a child. We seemed to be moving house every other week. Part of the reason for this was my mother used to rent and we seemed to change homes every few months. I always said that this would never happen when I grew up, even as a child, I knew all too well the stress of moving house. Never seeming to have my own bedroom for longer than six months always made me feel unsettled. Unfortunately the cycle of… [Read More]

Making Sure Your Treasured Possessions Are Secure And Safe

The world has changed so much and one particular area where it has changed beyond recognition is employment. Years ago if you were employed by a company the chances are it was a local company in your hometown, and you would spend your working life with the same company. That was the norm back in the day, but times have changed since then. With companies now being global, it has given people the opportunity to move anywhere in the world to climb the employment ladder and improve their position within the company they are working for. Of course it may… [Read More]