My Eldest Daughter J Wow! You Make Me So Proud

My eldest daughter, J, like all of my children make me feel so happy inside and outside, and they all never cease to amaze me with the achievements that they keep achieving in life. It’s actually never ending. Friday of last week was one such day that my love and pride of my children was just making my heart burst in a way that only your children can manage to do. As they progress through life, we all hope that the the goals and ambitions they have set out for themselves are achieved. It’s always a worry they won’t, but… [Read More]

Blogging Gave Me My Voice

It’s been an interesting journey on my blog over the last three years, but one thing I have learnt about myself is that its given me my voice. This is something I have struggled with all my life, through a lack of self confidence. I have always been very socially awkward, when I am on a one to one basis with other people. I have always felt comfortable, but put me with a large group of people and I mean usually more than three other people and panic and anxiety sets in very quickly. It all comes very difficult for… [Read More]

My Daughter E Made My Heart Burst With Pride

My 20 year old daughter, as regular readers may know, is in university studying to be a nurse, specialising in child nursing. She is currently in her third and final year. So all the hard work of A’ levels and then the first two years of university are culminating in this final six months or so. My pride for her was really brought home in the last few months. In the summer she went out to Uganda to help in a deprived poverty stricken area at the local hospital. Now this would probably shock most of us with the poor… [Read More]