OMG! It's my oldest child's birthday today 21

My first born turns 21 today. Oh! Where has the time gone?! Sometimes life feels like it is in fast forward mode. It doesn’t seem like yesterday that she was born and now she has the key to the door, well actually she had that when she was about 12! My daughter has so many wonderful traits that any father would be proud of. She is competitive, caring, thoughtful, ambitious and above all just a really nice person with time for other people. There are so many memories of the last 21 years that I could right a 3,000 word… [Read More]

My daughter J is shortlisted for an award

My oldest daughter decided to find a job rather than go to university and it’s turning out to be the right decision for her. She went to work for a large insurance company with good career prospects and I always thought if she applied herself the sky’s the limit.  She has been working there for two and half years and started at the bottom working the phones and hopefully showing she had something to offer.  About a year ago she was approached by a manager to say that she was being put forward for a seniors position.  It was obivious… [Read More]

Proud to be part of a new dad advice book

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook asking for dads to give advice to new dads that was going to be published in a new book called The New Dad’s Handbook. To be honest I really forgot all about it and then just a few days ago I was tagged in a post on Facebook that they had chosen my advice as one of 11 tips to new dads.  I was very honoured and incredibly flattered that they considered my advice worthy of being included.  Since starting blogging about a year ago I have been staggered by the… [Read More]

Proud Parent

Yesterday afternoon my oldest child, my daughter J, who is 20 years old rang me and said are you busy? I said well kind of but don’t worry what’s the matter. She decided two years ago to not go to university and turned down her place in favour of getting a job. From my point of view this was ok as long as she was happy. The first interview she went for with a large insurance company was the job she got. I was very happy and very proud. She has always been very driven and focused and I always… [Read More]