The Stress Of Moving Home

Over the years I have moved house more times than I can count. This was something that started when I was a child. We seemed to be moving house every other week. Part of the reason for this was my mother used to rent and we seemed to change homes every few months. I always said that this would never happen when I grew up, even as a child, I knew all too well the stress of moving house. Never seeming to have my own bedroom for longer than six months always made me feel unsettled. Unfortunately the cycle of… [Read More]

5 Lifesaving Tips for Moving House with Kids

Moving into a new home is always stressful but moving with young children has its own unique challenges. There are, however, many ways you can make the process of moving house easier for your kids, which will help lower your own stress levels. Here are five tips to make moving with children as easy as possible.  1: Pack Early  Start packing much earlier than you think you need to. Even if you’ve moved house before. Moving with kids is a much lengthier process due to the additions of your children’s clothes and toys, and the kids themselves may also slow… [Read More]

Moving house with Fantastic Services

Packing and removals, just two of the services offered by Fantastic Services. Fantastic Services is a home help service. In this guest post, Oliver Laroche, who lives on the Kent / London borders, explains how the company helped his family move house.  If there are two things that can make house moving stressful, it’s ensuring the property you’re selling is clean for the buyer and getting everything packed and ready for the move. Fantastic Services is well known as a provider of gardening and home help services in London, Manchester and Liverpool. End of tenancy cleaning and packing and removals… [Read More]