Moving house with Fantastic Services

Packing and removals, just two of the services offered by Fantastic Services.

Fantastic Services is a home help service. In this guest post, Oliver Laroche, who lives on the Kent / London borders, explains how the company helped his family move house. 

If there are two things that can make house moving stressful, it’s ensuring the property you’re selling is clean for the buyer and getting everything packed and ready for the move. Fantastic Services is well known as a provider of gardening and home help services in London, Manchester and Liverpool. End of tenancy cleaning and packing and removals are two of the other services it provides. Here’s how it helped us out when we moved.

The packing service

Fantastic Services can provide a full removal service or a packing service. We went for the packing service and to say it helped enormously is an understatement.

A couple of weeks before the move, we had a video conference call with a surveyor to assess how much work would need doing. This was much easier to organise than physically sending around a surveyor, which is standard practice for most removal firms.

Armed with my phone and a messenger connection, I walked around the house showing the surveyor exactly what needed packing. It only took about 20 minutes and from that, the surveyor was able to brief the packing team.

Packing day!

A three-person team led by a real character called Valentin were on-site on time. I provided a few snacks and drinks but otherwise they worked very hard to get things done.

Special boxes were used to hang clothes. Glasses and other fragile items were individually wrapped and bottles of liquid in the kitchen were individually sealed with parcel tape. The attention to detail was very impressive.

Fragile items were all individually wrapped.

As it turned out, the team finished early having packed all our possessions in 66 boxes, all of them marked to show where they should go in the new house. I was very impressed indeed and it was a huge weight off my mind to know the packing had been taken care of.

Boxes all packed and ready for the move.

End of tenancy clean

The name of this service is possibly a little confusing because we weren’t tenants. Without meaning to split hairs, it’s simply a very deep clean that’s undertaken before you leave a property.

Every single surface is wiped down. Every shelf, the oven, the work surfaces….everything is cleaned.

I can’t pretend otherwise, the house was not in a clean state following the packing. I issued instructions to the cleaners that everything left on the floor was to be considered rubbish. Rather embarrassingly, I had underestimated how much was in the house and I received more than one phone call asking me I feel I was sure that the various broken toys that had been left lying around really were to be thrown out!

The cleaning team were in the house for a total of six hours and the job they did was superb. We were very happy with the results.

The problem with moving

The problem with moving is that life has to continue as normal while you’re dealing with the moving process. It may seem a little lazy getting cleaners and packers in, but there are only so m any hours in the day. Fantastic Services helped enormously and took a huge amount of stress out of the situation.

Organising the survey via messenger was also a superb use of technology. I shouldn’t be too surprised. Fantastic Services has always put technology to good use. Within the M25 you can even book its domestic cleaning services via Alexa these days.

If you are organising a house move, you might want to consider exploring how Fantastic Services can make it a bit easier. You’ll find all the information you require on its website.

This is a collaborative post.

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