How Fake Is Social Media? Is It Having A Negative Effect On Society?

Nowadays, we are as a society, so influenced by everything that we see on social media or television. In my opinion it is convincing especially the teenage and younger generations that they should live like this, look like that etc and it’s all false, but it is portrayed in such a way that people think it’s normal, but how normal is it really? I personally don’t think it’s normal, in fact it’s totally fake. I recently tuned into one episode of Love Island. Now I totally understand how addictive a show like this can become, but the show for me… [Read More]

Bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers etc. Are they the Celebs of the 21st Century?

When I was growing up social media, and in fact the internet did not exist, it was still in fact not even thought of. So celebrities for me growing up were pop stars, TV or film stars, which would occasionally would be seen on TV, and every now and again you would get an opportunity to see your favourite pop stars in concert. For me most of these pop stars were put on a pedestal because news of them was sparse and so consequently you never heard anything bad they may have done, so they would be people you aspire… [Read More]