The Modern Tradesperson: Are They Your #LocalHeroes

In the past, tradespeople were seen in a certain light, whether you were a plumber, electrician or a painter and decorator. The stereotypical idea was that tradespeople could only talk of limited subjects such as sports, the latest football news, or talk about the latest cars and how fast they will go, and of course talking about sex always seemed to be on the conversation list between tradespeople. Of course that was way back in the dark ages. I can definitely relate to how it used to be. My trade is painting and decorating, and some of the chat between… [Read More]

Call In The Pro’s Or Go It Alone?

Image credit  DIY is a wonderfully, awful thing. Most of us have tried our hand at it and we will all have our own horror stories. The simple rule of DIY is knowing when it’s worth taking on the job yourself and when it’s going to be better to call in the professionals. So, let’s have a little look at when you should admit defeat and when you should stand your ground with a triumphant success. There are lots of simple jobs you can take on around the house without spending much money and listen up ladies, this means you… [Read More]