The Modern Tradesperson: Are They Your #LocalHeroes

In the past, tradespeople were seen in a certain light, whether you were a plumber, electrician or a painter and decorator. The stereotypical idea was that tradespeople could only talk of limited subjects such as sports, the latest football news, or talk about the latest cars and how fast they will go, and of course talking about sex always seemed to be on the conversation list between tradespeople. Of course that was way back in the dark ages. I can definitely relate to how it used to be. My trade is painting and decorating, and some of the chat between workmates quite often would leave me bored. Thankfully those days are gone.

Times have definitely changed now that we are in 2018. Tradespeople no longer have this stereotypical image. We are being seen in a completely different light. It’s taken a while, but people are noticing that tradespeople are proud of what they do as an occupation. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Local Heroes for their #LocalHeroes campaign to show people that a tradesperson is a very different person to what people maybe think they are.

In a  study commissioned to find out how the modern tradesperson spends their time at work, their home life and how they feel about careers and themselves, the results may well surprise you. For instance, 90% of tradespeople are happy in their careers and 80% consider themselves as sensitive. You can see the full infographic “The Modern Tradesperson in Numbers” below.

An infographic of the modern tradesperson in numbers

It makes for fascinating reading as you can see, and it dispels so many myths about the tradesperson. What comes out of this is that the modern tradesperson loves their job. They work very hard and most importantly care about their health, and I have to agree. I’ve been a self-employed painter and decorator for over 20 years now, and I couldn’t imagine doing any else. I really enjoy the work that I do, and the people that I meet whilst doing my job.

A part of job is finding new customers, and thankfully that comes easily for me through word of mouth. You see I pride myself on doing a good job, and that means my customers are happy with the work I do, so the next time someone asks them if they know a good painter and decorator, I know that they’ll be confident in recommending me.

For others, finding the right tradesperson can be hard. Thankfully, Local Heroes are able to help with their online demand service which connects people with the right tradesperson for the job. Although it’s an independent service, they’re not employed by British Gas, they’re just accredited by them, plus they’ll guarantee their work for 12 months.

Having a reliable, trustworthy tradesperson can be valuable, especially if you’re the one trusted with finding the right person. My mum is elderly, so knowing that I can call upon someone who both mum and I trust gives us both huge peace of mind.

Disclosure: This post is in conjunction with Local Heroes, but all thoughts are my own.

3 thoughts on “The Modern Tradesperson: Are They Your #LocalHeroes

  1. When we moved we had some fantastic local trades people help get our house the way we wanted it to be. All positive and totally recommend them all #thatfridaylinky

  2. Oh, I think good tradespeople are definitely heroes! Also, many trade skills are dying out so they’re so in need. I just hope no tradespeople drink 15 cups of coffee in one day!

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