The Modern Tradesperson: Are They Your #LocalHeroes

In the past, tradespeople were seen in a certain light, whether you were a plumber, electrician or a painter and decorator. The stereotypical idea was that tradespeople could only talk of limited subjects such as sports, the latest football news, or talk about the latest cars and how fast they will go, and of course talking about sex always seemed to be on the conversation list between tradespeople. Of course that was way back in the dark ages. I can definitely relate to how it used to be. My trade is painting and decorating, and some of the chat between… [Read More]

I Think I’m Beginning To Enjoy Not Working

It has been about two and a half weeks since I last worked properly due to the health scare that I had which I have written about previously. It’s been quite a stressful time because over the last two weeks, I have done no work. My main activity of the day has been the school run. Boredom and feeling a bit brain dead would be an understatement! I had a doctors appointment last week, and was hoping the doctor would say it would be ok for me to return to work, but sadly not at the moment. Unfortunately because of… [Read More]

Bloggers Selling Their Souls For Easy Money? I Don’t Think So

This year has been incredible for me. I have been named the number 2 dad blogger in the UK by Vuelio and shortlisted for an award and numerous features on many websites. First of all I want to point out it’s not luck, I have spent three years and many hours working hard to produce the best content I can and thankfully people read and enjoy it, well at least I get comments to say they enjoyed it. Along with these achievements that have come my way this year, it’s made me more visible to PR’s and more importantly brands…. [Read More]

Young Workers Are Most Likely To Suffer Workplace Injuries

Watching your children join the workforce is such a momentous occasion. Knowing that you’ve raised your children well and that they’re passionate, hard working members of the community really gives you a sense of pride. As a dad to five, three of which are grown up, I’ve had been able to witness first hand their first steps onto the career ladder. My eldest, J, has done really well in her job and often comes homes telling me all about her day. One of my biggest concerns about J, and of course my other children starting work is the likelihood of… [Read More]

My Two Eldest Daughters Have Grown Up 

There was definitely a point in my mid to late teens that it was not cool to be seen in public with my parents. In my case it was just my mum. The days of going to Tesco to do the weekly shop was a big NO NO! Just in case I bumped into any of my friends. Conversation between the two of us became less and was usually limited to what I wanted to eat for tea, and if you are going out what time will you be home.  There was a time before this that I would have… [Read More]

Top DIY Tips for Avoiding Injuries 

Image source  It’s not uncommon that people end up in A&E because of injuries they’ve sustained while undertaking some DIY. When making improvements to your home, you’re not only potentially putting yourself at risk of harm, but your property too. Here are some top tips to follow to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Heavy objects Over 15% of DIY injuries are caused by falling objects, so it’s worth protecting both your head and your feet with the correct attire. Depending on your task, wear a hard hat, and a pair of steel toe capped Dickies boots to reduce the risk… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo

My Sunday photo this week is me doing what I do for my day job as a painter/ decorator.  This last week I have been employed to paint the outside of two semi-detached houses literally around the corner from where I live.  As you can see my wife got this photo of me 30 foot up a ladder from our back door painting away. 

Juggling childcare and work

Last September I made a decision to be a stay at home dad two days a week. It was a very easy decision to make as my wife and I wanted to be the ones to take the girls to and from nursery. The girls started their local state nursery in September . The nursery is located in the primary school which they will eventually attend so we both felt it was important that they had us as their security blanket.  Most of my work as a painter/decorator thankfully is very local to where I live so it only ever… [Read More]