Wow! I’m A Finalist At Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

A few days ago DIY Daddy was named as a finalist in the annual Vuelio Blog Awards in the Daddy Blogs 2018 category. This genuinely came as a big shock to me, and by total chance I found out exactly four years to the day that I started my blog. Now that is a serious coincidence that I would not have thought possible. When you have poured your heart and soul into anything that we do in life to be recognised for the enormous effort and hard work is incredibly satisfying. It gives you belief and inspiration to carry on… [Read More]

What A Year 2017

I have been writing my blog for three years and one month, and this year something changed that I still find difficult to get my head around. It has gone from what was purely a hobby, into a small, but relatively profitable business. I have to admit that even in my wildest dreams I never expected to earning a penny from my blog let alone some of the fantastic opportunities that I have received because of my blog this year. This year when it started, I didn’t really have any goals or ambitions for my blog, which in all honesty… [Read More]

I'm a top 10 dadblogger in the UK

When I first started blogging I remember looking at the best dad blogs out there and remember thinking to myself wouldn’t it be nice to be in such awesome company one day. I then gave myself an electric shock back to reality as I thought that was never going to happen. However, a couple of days ago I received a tweet that quite honestly I had to read three or four times to make sure what I was reading was real! When I finally got my head around it I was amazed to find that I had been named in… [Read More]