Gryphon Wi-Fi Router Review #AD

We live in a world that is now massively digitally reliant and most children by the age of five will have been exposed to the internet. The biggest danger to just having plain and simple family time is actually screen time, and like most parents I find it difficult to control screen time, especially if you have children that have inquisitive minds. So when I was approached by Gryphon to review their WiFi router I was a little more than curious about how it could protect my children when they are online. It is a new sensible way to protect… [Read More]

Netgear Orbi Better WiFi Around Your Home Review

In our home there are a couple of WiFi dead zones. One in particular is our bedroom. The main modem coming into the house is in our lounge. Our bedroom is down the hallway which is the entire length of the house and there are plenty of brick walls in the way, so by the time you get to our bedroom, the WiFi signal is all but gone, which can be a nightmare and expensive, especially when your iPhone reverts to using your data. So when I was offered to review the Netgear Orbi40 Whole Home WiFi system, I thought fantastic!… [Read More]

Preparing Your Home For New Arrivals 

As any experienced father can tell you, preparing the home for new arrivals is both a daunting and joyous moment. It’s daunting due to the fact that having a child in the home is going to be a tough task. Not only will you need to prepare the entire home to make it childproof, you’re also going to have to renovate the entire house in order to get things sorted for your new arrival. But it’s joyous in a sense that you’re starting a family, and remodelling your house to accommodate a child is the first step to becoming that… [Read More]