Take The Stress Out Of Selling Your Car With These 3 Tips

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to sell your old family car. It can be equal parts emotional and stressful! If you don’t know how to sell a car, then it will likely be one of the worst experiences of your life. I don’t want that to happen to you, so here are a few tips to make it less stressful:


List your car online

The most stressful thing about selling your car is that it can take ages for anyone to notice it. You’ve got the ‘for sale’ sign on the windows, you part it on the street for everyone to see, but you rarely get any calls. As a result, it takes ages for any whiff of a sale to happen.

Bearing that in mind, increase the chances of people seeing your car by listing it online. There are plenty of places you can sell your car online, and it makes it easier for people to contact you as well. These days, most people begin their car search online, so you’re missing out on so many possible customers. Also, it’s common to buy cars that are miles away from where you live. If you don’t advertise online, then so many people won’t ever see that your vehicle is for sale.


Value your car for more than it’s worth

You might think this is stupid, but there’s sense behind this madness. Someone will rarely pay the listed price for your car. Everyone loves haggling, so they want to get a lower price. As a result, it’s frustrating as you don’t want to sell it for less than advertised, meaning you’re embroiled in a haggling battle!

To solve this, list your car for a higher value than you believe it’s worth. Now, you leave room for haggling. If someone asks for a lower price, you can negotiate with them. They think they’re getting a killer deal, but they’re actually buying the car for close to what you really think it’s worth!


Think about a part exchange

A part exchange comes in handy when you need to buy a new car as well as selling your old one. Basically, you’re trading in your old vehicle to help pay for the new one. Dealers like Motormill offer part exchanges, and there are usually no requirements other than your car being in good condition.

The upside of part exchanges is that you offload your car in a flash, and you walk away with your new one. The only downside is that you probably won’t get as much money for your car compared to if you sold it to someone else. But, if you want to remove all the stress out of selling a car and buying a new one, then this is definitely something to think about.

The first two tips will help you sell your car and get the best price for it. The sale will be quicker than if you just advertised it locally, and you’ll have a better time negotiating the final price. The third tip is excellent if you don’t care too much about how much money you receive, and you’re looking to buy a new car as well. Follow all of this advice, and you’ll never worry about selling a car ever again.


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